Virtual Singing Lessons! Just sing along to get better ;]

Discover all about Virtual Singing Lessons! Just sing along to get better ;] by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Virtual Singing Lessons! Just sing along to get better ;].

The $5 instructional CD:

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22 thoughts on “Virtual Singing Lessons! Just sing along to get better ;]

  1. NenaFan10 says:

    Hahah thats what I have to do at my talent agency.

  2. Jonathan Velazquez says:

    i see dramatic progress right after im done πŸ˜€

  3. Matheus U says:

    But even if i can sing in tune, i still sing false. How to fix/train that?

  4. Matheus U says:

    Okey, but wait, i got more questions. You seems like you know what you’re
    talking about. So how to learn to play the notes he play on the piano?
    Because i can’t sit here with the computer and say lalala… And about
    breathing, how shall i train it, So i breathe right? Matheus

  5. Scott Bradley says:

    youre real good. i play the guitar… been playing for two years now. im
    getting good… but my voice is real weak.. and im wondering if you know
    how to take care of having a to deep voice? im having trouble with getting
    the high notes! thanks! im learning from this a lot!

  6. hotchick1996 says:

    oh i know that tune in kindergaden they hired a singing teacher she made
    lyics like my mama made me mash me m & ms lol over and over i dont know why
    i dindt think of this before well thnx for this video

  7. OhEmGeeYayEggs says:

    In chorus, my teacher makes us do the first tune thingy instead up humming
    we do “mama made me mash my m & ms” and yeah. okay. πŸ™‚

  8. softlyserenademe says:

    what happened to your other videos!! D:

  9. Anastasija Poluskina says:

    oh i remebered when i was like in 5th class my musick teacher used to do
    that too and every1 hated it ..

  10. That is my Fender sitting behind you!!!

  11. ginger0796 says:

    ma my mo mooo im in choir so thats what we do

  12. mikeyandrayray says:

    I disagree with chiichansakashi

  13. Bernard McDonald says:

    I don’t know what his hands or arms have to do with ability to teach voice,
    however what floats your boat. He is excellent and appears to be a a very
    personable individual. Way to go Mr. And thank you very much. I would
    appreciate any advice on timing, as in when to come in, when yo and how
    long to hold a note. Stuff like that. Thank you very much

  14. Wave Surfer says:

    regarding the second exercise in this vid….i recommend to everyone making
    sure you start every note with an open mouth and not like he domonstrates
    .. pretend you have an egg in your mouth to make sure u don’t lose the
    space you need when you go for the high notes…especially for guys going
    over the F# IF your a tenor. If your not creating the space you need and
    you feel like your struggling its probably mostly cause you’re losing the
    space you need as you go up the drill.

  15. You’ll also study to relate singing to the wider world of music.

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