TUTORIAL: How to Sing in Different Styles?

Discover all about TUTORIAL: How to Sing in Different Styles? by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here TUTORIAL: How to Sing in Different Styles?.

This is just a simple tutorial on how to sing in different styles and genres. I am not a professional singer but I just observe their styles and how to sound like them. I am not really serious with this one but I hope you can learn something from this.

Styles included here are:
♫ Broadway
♫ Pop
♫ Rap
♫ Choir
♫ Rock
♫ Bossa Nova

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18 thoughts on “TUTORIAL: How to Sing in Different Styles?

  1. empoyinpink says:

    Whoaw! This is so cool, how do you do that? It’s amazing how you use and
    play with your voice! Keep it up!:)) @istar5255- You’re of no authority as
    well to tell her not to have a tutorial like this.Are you a professinal
    singer? Show off your own video singing different genre and let’s see what
    you got!>:))

  2. alminnaaa says:

    DAMN IT. DONNA IS GORGEOUS. This video is just sooo true. :>

  3. JennyPandaBear says:

    I think you sound really great when you speak Tagalog…

  4. juju love says:

    She is so cute and definitely is a good entertainer.

  5. imnotavampirecx says:

    Sorry but some of the genres you are way off… ESPECIALLY ROCK…
    Secondhand Serenade ….. They do not sound like that at all…

  6. Secondhand Serenade doesnt sound like that at all..

  7. Adnan Arif Music says:

    Thanks for your simple but informative tips! I am about to finalize a rock
    album, and people love the instrumentation, lyrics , but keep mentioning
    how my vox need more work and sound a bit bland. So ive been looking at
    diff vocal clips vids, and yours has insight into diff singing styles no
    other vid on youtube had! Disregard the critical commentators on youtube. I
    hate people who discourage well meaning people trying to help others!
    Thanks for your tips.

    I would be VERY grateful if you listened to my songs and gave me some
    suggestions for improving my vocal style.


  8. weeklyirish c; says:

    How do you wave your voice ?

  9. liezel calarion says:

    this really hepls donna .. hope you will make more videos about singing

  10. Ziggy Zaggy says:

    I don’t think the title of this video is accurate. You gave no
    information, instruction or advice on technique. It seemed more of a
    showcase of what YOU can do, rather than “let me show you how”. Somewhat
    impressive, but I would change the title. Cheers!

  11. Its not that good because i was expecting it to be more technical but it
    really wasn’t and it didn’t sound that nicer. It seems like all your
    interested in is what you think you are good at. People search up this type
    of videos for help with their voice when you was not any help what so EVER.
    We was watching this in class and everyone was cracking up because it was
    not what we expected. We expected this to have some type of instruction and
    tips instead on you just showing of your skills, you have not got much
    skills therefore you should not create any more video on improving peoples
    voice when yours needs improving. Like i know im not a fantastic singer
    therefore i would not post videos like this until i could actually help by
    advising my viewers on how to sing good in these styles. I completely agree
    with Ziggy Zaggy. Have a nice day. God Bless you.

  12. Robin Mathew says:

    creator is not wrong. he does everything accurately. ur expressions that u
    brought out in this helped me a little. will u please go forward.? god
    bless u

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