Tutorial 8 – How to Increase Your Vocal Range and Sing on High Pitch by Siddharth Slathia

Discover all about Tutorial 8 – How to Increase Your Vocal Range and Sing on High Pitch by Siddharth Slathia by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Tutorial 8 – How to Increase Your Vocal Range and Sing on High Pitch by Siddharth Slathia.

After some previous lessons on Alankaars, this Tutorial #8 will guide you , How to Increase your Vocal Range, If you like my work, do join me on facebook at

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42 thoughts on “Tutorial 8 – How to Increase Your Vocal Range and Sing on High Pitch by Siddharth Slathia

  1. Very Sweet voice. Studio me recording karte hain sir ya home pe hi kuch
    technical instruments se plz describe about how to record your voice, if i
    want to record my song then what i can do plz suggest sir.

  2. thank uh so much for uploading videos and helping us! 🙂
    well can u plzz tell what are d correct breathing exercises for fluent
    singing?? plzz

  3. Dear siddharth….no matter how much people criticize u…u are a star for
    us and we really salute u fo ur efforts..people those r criticizing u dont
    know wat u r doing n wat z ur motive behind it n datz y those people are
    not there where u have reached.God bless u buddy n ol the best :-)

  4. Explanation is important for beginners. So talk as much as you want so that
    everyone should learn.

  5. Sir ……aapne her tutorial main vebreto ke baare main btaya hai ….jo ki
    bahut aachi baat ek younger jisne music abhi start hi kiya hai …thanks

  6. ej insaan jo pehli baar ya pehle din music coaching aaya hai …..usko
    music ka ABCD bhi nahi pata but normally vo gaana jaanta hai ….to uske
    liye video tutorial kya aapne isse pehle upload ki hai ???????

  7. But kabhi kabhi khul k uper sur lagane ki jarurat padhti hai kuch gano me
    to is that bettr ki alws aise dabi high note par riyaz kare ??

  8. hey siddhart,
    i have onlt one doubt. My voice is not basey…so when i try singing high
    notes it becomes shrill and i become very conscious and…uncomfortable
    ..moreover when i am doing the riyaz at home i can touch the taar saptak Ma
    , from scale c major, but cant reach beyond that…….but when i sing i
    can do the aalap part but when i do it with lyrics , i am not able to reach
    even Ma..

    what i mean is…..if a song is based in mandra saptak with some parts in
    taar saptak…thats fine….but a song where maximum part is high notes ,,
    it becomes really paainful and difficult….and singing it on a lower scale
    . the song loses its lusture

    please suggest what to do

  9. nobody gives so much knowledge ..not even the teachers in such an
    interesting way…they also wraps up quickly …. thankq so much siddharth
    for the tutorials ..god bless you

  10. All alankar lesson was really good. Nice way of learning song at home.
    Thanks . post more songs . some for girls also.

  11. Please continue the tutorials the way you do as I felt its the best way..if
    you dont explain then how we would understand…. please ignore the
    disturbing elements…You are best in what you are doing.

  12. Sir, i am a great fan of u.i love to sing..but i have never learned..my
    problem is that when i try to sing..in high pitch…my voice gets
    shrilled..what can i do on this..

  13. sir..kya koi music college ya institutions hai..jaha se music sikhne k baad
    bollywood me chance mil sakey…I wanna be a singer..please. .suggest me

  14. Please,sir make a tutorial on how to find out vocal range.because many of
    beginners had been spoiled their voices due to singing in different scale
    which does not comfortable to their throat

  15. The one thing which rlly touched to my heart by whch ths tutorial is tht u
    said one beautiful thng tht people hv a myth tht a singer who cn sing at
    high pich is a good singer but tht’s nt true, I appreciate nd your exmple
    whch is vry true…u gve an exple of jagjit sing who sung mny gazals so
    beautifully….one thing I wnt to say…..riyaz kijiye…fal ki ichha mt ki
    jiye maa saraswati ki kripa zrur hogi…..nd thnks #siddharth for uploading
    these valuable tutorials….:-)

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