Try Not To Sing Challenge! (You Will Lose)

Discover all about Try Not To Sing Challenge! (You Will Lose) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Try Not To Sing Challenge! (You Will Lose).

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40 thoughts on “Try Not To Sing Challenge! (You Will Lose)

  1. BTS Edits says:

    3.13 anyone noticed that the song is “The Greatest” NOT “Tea Greatest”

  2. Jabber Does stuff says:

    DAMN IT! I speak English and not Spanish but I lost it at despacito… 😫😫😫😫

  3. Imagine Why Don't We says:

    I wasn’t even doing the challenge, I only came here to sing xD

  4. Galaxyeggs 269 says:

    Easy how to win is turn the volume to 0 and you win just wait for the video to end and you won

  5. Nash Garcia says:

    Its taking over my brain but i will fight it i will win this challenge

  6. Alpha_Wolf Aaron says:

    This shouldn’t be a challenge, it’s too easy.

  7. panchali chakrabarti says:

    I just realised tal is Charlie puth

  8. Ashika Prasad says:

    You do know that dancing is actually singing for your body and just talking the lyrics is also cheating and lip syncing is just singing in silence, so… technically you are cheating

  9. if you like bts you’re = an angel BUT if you don’t like bts you’re = a *potato*

  10. Anellene Sabrido says:


  11. The real challenge is trying not to sing to memes

  12. Luke De Girolamo says:

    i failed on every single song

  13. Cake Finder says:

    Easy because I listen to country

  14. We nEeD tO fInD TaEtAe's BaG says:

    I was waiting for Bts😂😂😍😍😍

  15. that random gamer says:

    I have conceded try not to look away and don’t sing challenge

  16. Ma.leilani Basnig says:

    Wtf my chocolate just drop into the trashcan

  17. Jordyn MIssle says:

    You can sing in your head right? Cuz if you can’t I lost ·~·

  18. Monika Gaming says:

    I survived the challenge I promise I didn’t lie promiy

  19. Petia Atanasova says:

    It is not kpop so i did not fail

  20. RC-Official says:

    They wrote “The Greatest” wrong. Lol

  21. Ashley TV says:

    I’m trying not to sing and I almost succeed but I failed when i heard ‘Despacito ‘😭😭😭

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