Discover all about TRY NOT TO SING CHALLENGE – THE EVOLUTION (Roblox Challenge) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here TRY NOT TO SING CHALLENGE – THE EVOLUTION (Roblox Challenge).

Today, we react to one of the final Try Not To Sing Challenge videos! Let me know how many of the songs you recognized!!


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Intro “Burn the Stars” – Massive Vibes
Outro “Had Some Drinks” – Two Feet

40 thoughts on “TRY NOT TO SING CHALLENGE – THE EVOLUTION (Roblox Challenge)

  1. the country Bois says:

    Could you do more challanges

  2. Heather Gharrett says:

    the song that says
    ah to the na to the no no no is called NO!

  3. Jennifer Dizon says:

    please make this challenge try not to fartm challenge

  4. AshYT24 Fan group Channel says:

    Im Filipino Dfield

  5. AshYT24 Fan group Channel says:

    Yay u are Filipino!

  6. AshYT24 Fan group Channel says:

    Do u join on my group of Roblox name is AshYT24 fan group

  7. Kawaii husky Lover says:

    Muslims get beat up by their parents so they are disciplined (IM A MUSLIM AND IT HAPPENS TO ME)

  8. Joshua vinson says:

    i just wan to rolly rolly rolly rolly rolly

  9. Lets Play ROBLOX!!! says:

    Hello guys I am a ROBLOX youtuber and I am making a team to play ROBLOX someone wanna join??🤔🤔

  10. Olga Kursakova says:

    Keep the music reactions!

    U got gooooooooooooooooooooooood videos

  11. Nasser Alhamad says:

    I no this song the one in the first

  12. Maria Marjorie says:

    *WOW i got alot of bux from* *try it guys before its patched!*

  13. Rebecca Conroy says:

    i always used to dance and sing to that bruno mars song and i said at the start of the video that i wasn’t going to sing i failed but i love that song too much .I still sing it till this day and it came out when i was 5 I’m not 12 like bruh i need to find new songs

  14. Rebecca Conroy says:

    my mom just took away my phone and i said idc and then she changed the password for the wifi

  15. DestiniThe RobloxTourGirl says:

    I just wanna rolly rolly rolly rolly rolly rolly rolly💃ROLLY ROLLY ROLLY I’M GETTING TIRED

  16. Atte Bown says:

    Defield everyone know you are a fool

  17. OmqPie Xox says:

    Rules Of The Try Not To Sung Challenge: Huming Is NOT Aloud Dancing Is NOT Aloud Wistling Is NOT Aloud

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