Try Not To Sing Challenge: BOLLYWOOD EDITION PART 2!!

Discover all about Try Not To Sing Challenge: BOLLYWOOD EDITION PART 2!! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Try Not To Sing Challenge: BOLLYWOOD EDITION PART 2!!.

What up my ZamanDems?!?!So this is the Try Not To Sing CHALLENGE – BOLLYWOOD EDITION Part 2! Its been requested lots of times and I don’t know why i haven’t done this sooner! haha It was way too much fun the first time XD The Try not to sing challenge is really simple, all you need to do is listen to some songs with headphones on and the aim is to NOT sing. Now that does sound easy but honestly, ITS NOT! I know theres a mix online but since it was the bollywood edition there isn’t one i could find anywhere however, I picked a few of my favourite songs and used them instead.

Please take a look and let me know what you think. Make sure to leave your comments below to let me know what you thought and how many songs i didn’t actually sing haha If you want a part two, comment down below and also leave suggestions of songs. This could be fun haha

ALSO – Please do leave suggestions and i will try my best to get to them!

I really do hope you enjoy this video, i sure did enjoy making it hahaha

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40 thoughts on “Try Not To Sing Challenge: BOLLYWOOD EDITION PART 2!!

  1. Zara Javed says:

    Ayyy this competition could have been done witg asiyah

  2. Muzna Khan says:

    Omg such a fun video 😂 waiting for try not to dance!!!

  3. anusha sengupta says:

    What is the name of the song which plays at 11:46

  4. Ochie Marru says:

    Hey zaman u more better be a salman khan

  5. Absolutely Pri says:

    Honestly was in such a bad mood this morning but this made me feel a lot better

  6. zara khan says:

    Everytime u cant sing, u make up for it by dancing!! U have to do a try not to sing and dance challenge man 😀 u went totally mad at the end hahaha

  7. Kiana Jaynath says:

    Can you please like make a playlist of the songs you use? ❤️✨They’re amazing…

  8. Nimra1717 says:

    Haha, I love how it’s ‘Try not to sing challenge’ and you’re not just singing, you’re performing.

  9. Urvashi Sharma says:

    Hahaha full on entertaining you are, luv you

  10. oye Arooj says:

    Bollywood songs are best 💚love you

  11. Farhana Khan says:

    Loved this video so much. I was playing along whilst watching this lol. It is waaaaay harder than it looks haha. Love your channel ❤️

  12. dee_sign Kaur says:

    Even though you fail eveytime…..I love how you still try not to sing to the songs

  13. fatima mohammed says:

    can u do more challenges with your sister and jabran they are halarious plzz

  14. Zahra Hussain says:

    Finally got to watch this and love your enthusiasm for Bollywood haha, deffinately part 3 plz!

  15. Alizya Ruksar says:

    U are just amazing Ahmed…Love you from India and can I get to know where do you live😁

  16. guneet sodhi says:

    definitely better than last time lol but it was great specially anari cuz Akshay Kumar!!!!! I loved it anyway​ and was dancing along and lip syncing to all songs

  17. Anayah W. says:

    The warmup session got me dying lmao 😂😂😂 but wth I never knew she was Saif Ali Khan’s mom WOWWWW!

  18. Shivani kumar says:

    Loveeee this! Your so amazing ❤️

  19. Nimz Azhar says:

    Hahahaha u could have never won against those songs 😀 but i still dont get it how do ur headphones stay in there place even with so much dancing 😂….u r such a talent. Keep up the good work. U r the best 😎

  20. Onkik Nandi says:

    Can you post more your videos are fun to watch

  21. Ms.Asiya Bile says:

    I’m sorry Ahmed but u r Terrible at these challenges and I honestly don’t blame you. Yahi toh Bollywood Ka jaadu hai. Anyways loved the editing and had fun. Please do more videos, we’re waiting 🙌🙌

  22. Onkik Nandy says:

    first i was like man its easy not to sing but i lost

  23. Damn, some of these songs had me feeling like I’m going down memory lane. Ahmed, you killed it, keep up the amazing work!!!

  24. Noor zaman says:

    plz plz plz do part 3 as well,, really enjoyed it <3

  25. Samira Bilal says:

    ASZ you should go to Mumbai and and audition for a role in Bollywood. The next SRK! Love your videos.

  26. Madina Daudi says:


  27. Clau Sofia says:

    Omg I love your reaction to the songs you totally forgot the challenge and just made it more fun. Keep it up, good luck :*

  28. saima iqbal says:

    What do you say in your intro?

    Actually you speak too fast

  29. ifrah kainat says:

    You dance pretty well 😂😂😂😂😂 watched your video for first time. And subscribed 😂 coz enjoyed video thumbs up

  30. Joy Chana says:

    You should call this “sing with Ahmed – Bollywood Edition” 😂
    I love your Videos ❤

    Greet from Germany 🇩🇪

  31. Rhia Kumar says:

    I try to play along with these but I always fail at them so soon😂 loved the video, so relatable

  32. Faiz khan says:

    soooooo nice dance Mashallah💋❤

  33. Maryam Aurangzeb says:

    U did a lot better then before

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