Try Not To Sing Along (Impossible Challenge)

Discover all about Try Not To Sing Along (Impossible Challenge) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Try Not To Sing Along (Impossible Challenge).

Name of the songs here:

1. Love the way you lie – Eminem
2. Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding
3. Roar – Katty Perry
4. Rude – Magic
5. Beat it – Michael Jackson
6. Timber – Pitbull
7. Hello – Adele
8.Sugar – Maroon 5
9. Break Free – Ariana Grande
10. Counting Stars – OneRepublic

Thanks for Watching 😀

37 thoughts on “Try Not To Sing Along (Impossible Challenge)

  1. stephanie rhyne says:

    I don’t like you so much 😤😠😡🥊🌶😬

  2. CreeperMike Mcpe says:

    so easy just sing in head been there done that picachu

  3. dylan nemo24 says:

    I did not sing cause I knew no songs words

  4. ninja gaming 35 says:

    This make me laugh like if it dies for you

  5. David Blake says:

    When Rude came on, I couldn’t help but to sing along. I failed.

  6. CrystalYT //JemDaGirl101 says:

    how to win so easy

    turn off the volume

  7. Chloe Huntley says:

    this is hard I love to sing omgsh I song the hole thing

  8. farwdavid says:

    Should’ve put actual good songs on. The only two good songs were Bad and Counting Stars.

  9. Anonymous Girl says:

    Can I have 100 likes For Valentines Day ?

  10. Gena Goodman says:

    I was about to lose on the first song but kept it in oml

  11. Michael Miranda says:

    how sang along and how didn’t? 😁😀

  12. You can sing but if you wanna sing and win,
    Sing in your head.

  13. Ben Valencia says:

    I don’t like most of the songs in this video so this was easy

  14. It's Marissa says:

    Hey would you looks at that I did it

  15. taylor Massaro says:

    Me: this is easy this is not impossible
    (the song “Hello”comes on)

  16. Markelle Patterson says:

    I literally sung every song that popped up

  17. Brooke Matthews says:

    me: OK this doesn’t seem to hard
    Michael Jackson comes on
    Me:JUST BEAT IT!!!!!

  18. Grace Clements says:

    Anyone with basic human self control can beat this easily. If you lack that self control I suggest you see someone about it. I get that you want to sing to it, but all you have to do is keep your mouth closed. If you cannot keep your mouth shut, I am sorry for your friends. This is by far the dumbest “Challenge” on youtube

  19. Xpher and The stop motion bros says:

    This is easy as hell

  20. When you come to the comments to see if anyone else was singing in their head…

  21. golden senpai says:

    I HAD to sing because they played my favorite Michael Jackson song

  22. Faby Garcia says:

    I lost at Michael Jackson beat it

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