Top 10 HARDEST Vocal Lines To Sing - Top 10 HARDEST Vocal Lines To Sing

Top 10 HARDEST Vocal Lines To Sing

Top 10 HARDEST Vocal Lines To Sing - Discover all about Top 10 HARDEST Vocal Lines To Sing by reading the article below. If you want to know more about Top 10 HARDEST Vocal Lines To Sing and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Top 10 HARDEST Vocal Lines To Sing.

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 HARDEST Vocal Lines To Sing”

    1. i cant remember the song from a perfect circle, but maynard holds the note for so dang long, it would be a challenge… back when i tried having a garage band, i tried to hard to be able to song that part

    2. PSYCROPTIC: SKIN COFFIN. the intro high scream. He does it as an inhale, I’m almost certain you could hit it exhaling lol

  1. why don’t you try to sing all mike patton’s style? that’s will be a real challenge. faith no more/mr bungle/fantomas/tomahawk/peeping tom/moonchild/mondo cane… you could do a 20 mike patton’s style cover. If it’s not too hard for you

  2. The very end of Voices by Saosin.
    I’ll never….”

    If you can pull that off I would be impressed. Everything else you have done is so low in comparrison.

  3. “Spit it out” -Slipknot (the parts where Corey raps really fast, and add in some screaming for good measure 😀 ) you are fucking amazing. I love these videos!

  4. Idk if it’s actually difficult but about mid way through Ark’s Heal The Waters was one I always butchered growing up.

  5. Once upon a planet burning
    Once upon a flame
    Once upon a fear returning
    All in vain
    Do you feel that hope is fading?
    Do you comprehend?
    Do you feel it terminating?
    In the end

  6. Do skin coffin by psycroptic. Hit that intro high scream with an exhale note. He inhales to make it happen, but i think you could do it exhaling and I would be crazy impressed

  7. Affiance- Call to the Warrior or Hive. THE PARTS YA KNOW! Those ridiculous high notes he can’t even hit live 😂

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