Tongue Placement in Singing – Vocal Lesson / Rock the Stage NYC

Discover all about Tongue Placement in Singing – Vocal Lesson / Rock the Stage NYC by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Tongue Placement in Singing – Vocal Lesson / Rock the Stage NYC.

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Tongue Placement in Singing – Vocal Lesson / Rock the Stage NYC

Ken Tamplin Tongue: 1:33
Exercise example: 4:25

” Where should my tongue be when I’m singing ” is a common question I get a lot, so here’s a video on how your tongue should behave when singing and how tame a wild tongue that moves or slides back into your mouth.

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12 thoughts on “Tongue Placement in Singing – Vocal Lesson / Rock the Stage NYC

  1. Jonas Finn Larsson says:

    yes you are right. It is hard to get the concaved tongue feel natural. Your
    way of explaining was very good. Thank you

  2. Luke Warren says:

    Hey Kevin, Luke here. Just wondered if you can tell whether my tongue is in
    the right place when I sing?


  3. Fernando Herrera says:

    good! don’t like the lizard tongue either.

  4. John Smith says:

    Could you please post a link showing Tamplin teaching beginners to raise
    the tongue?

  5. Gainzilla says:

    Thanks, Kevin! Excellent as always. Check this out: MRI vdeo of an opera
    singer shows exactly what his tongue is doing. He’s a baritone, so maybe
    not a fair comparison? Anyway, cheers!


  6. Vulture Culture says:

    Great video Kevin! Was working on trying to figure this out today,
    especially after watching Ken’s tongue video lol.

  7. Kelvin Robertson says:

    Katie Agresta gets her students to hold the tongue forward with a paper
    towel when doing exercises.

  8. Bek Coddington says:

    HHHHHOOOOOOOWWWW do you sing a gliding melody on a held EE or EH sound? I
    find I can pitch a sustained EE sound without unwanted tension/neutral
    tongue position, but when I manipulate things perhaps out of habit, its
    VERY difficult to get further up or down in pitch melodically on a held EE
    note without vocal tension?? Proper breath management helps quite a bit,
    but it’s much trickier than other vowels.

  9. Hey, Kevin! When I’m singing with my tongue sticking out my voice is
    becoming hoarse, so I have to cough to get it back to normal. Never happens
    when singing with tongue in it’s usual position. Why can that happen?

  10. That was basically a combination of finding out what works best for me, in terms of both warm-ups and in terms of what stuff I sing well, and also in terms of confidence.

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