TMT #2: How to Play Guitar and Sing at the Same Time

Discover all about TMT #2: How to Play Guitar and Sing at the Same Time by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here TMT #2: How to Play Guitar and Sing at the Same Time.

hello everyone =]

here’s my second video in my “Twenty-Minute Techniques” mini-series.

it’s just me giving you guys some tips on how i learned to sing and play my guitar at the same time, since i’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to improve on that aspect from viewers.

i’m not guaranteeing this as a full-proof method of learning how to play and sing simultaneously, but i am hoping that some of you might find this information helpful. =]

please make sure to leave a comment about any other “technique” videos you’d like to see, like how to tune your guitar or how to practice transitioning, etc.

connect with me! ^^

love you guys! thanks so much for watching! ^^

40 thoughts on “TMT #2: How to Play Guitar and Sing at the Same Time

  1. dheniel ollero says:

    NIce Foreverfaithful your really helps!

  2. George Goodrich says:

    I just discovered you, a couple of years late. You do a good job and I
    like a lot of your tips. Some I already did and others are new to me and
    seem very sensible. I’ll check out some of your videos. Barre chords was
    my first.

  3. Prajna Shetty says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorials 🙂 I learnt. Singing with guitar only
    after watching your video and now I think I am pretty good at it now. :)

  4. PaoloM Music says:

    all of ur videos helped me especially learning barre chords i cant play it
    but when i watched ur tutorial i finally learned it thaks

  5. Gull Buttqasim says:

    Great tutorial….i have a another request for how to mute during playing a
    guitar and some exercises…..thank u 🙂 and voice is really really good
    keep this up one day you will become a star 🙂 than i want my treat 🙂 tc

  6. Jejun Guanco says:

    hi miss gustong gusto ko talaga ang mga tutorials mo sa guitar…pwede
    request? pwede mga opm naman?galing mong nagturo sa dinamidami kong
    pinanood na mga tutorial syo lang ako natuto….god bless

  7. Vero cantiga-malo says:

    hi ellen can you make a video how to write a song . like what tips you are
    using to make a songs

  8. Bapaomai Danny Augustine says:

    Beautiful Girl..

  9. Blakeney Adams says:

    Thank you for your efforts. It really has helped an old guy just starting

  10. airo joyce Jung says:

    do you idolize taylor swift too?

  11. airo joyce Jung says:

    you’re a good singer and a guitarist. can you teach me

  12. 19perox05 says:

    can you please make a guitar tutorial&chords for “Payphone” by Maroon 5?

  13. DIN Evans (Nics) says:

    Can you make a guitar tutorial of Now We’re Together by Khalil Ramos? I am
    from Philippines

  14. noushin nowar says:

    Hey Ellen!
    I am a crazy fan of yours!
    Me from Bangladesh, And my first tutorial was how to play and sing at the
    same time!

  15. anurag ozzy says:

    i really like ur singing and guitar teaching way. can u plzz upload a
    tutorial of onedirection’s liitle things please..or tell me the chords and
    strumming pattern. thank you so much ..u r the best .

  16. Roseann Trono says:

    ate nahihirapan po talaga ko sa strumming 😭😭😭
    pwede pong magpaturo sayo? 😭😭😭😭😊

  17. Violinist 123 says:

    thanks ellen!
    you are the best!
    you are very talented!
    your skills are very easy and simple!

  18. Oh my gosh thank you so much for putting up this video.

  19. Anaiya Sky says:

    Where did you get the Taylor Swift guitar??
    Your the best!

  20. Stefanus Michael says:

    You are a very good guitar teacher..I like almost all your videos..thank

  21. relly like your tutorials ! 🙂 I am somewhat new to guitar playing and
    your teaching is very helpful :-)

  22. 5 Seconds into the video Im like: “OHH MY GOD SHE’S SO CUTE! ” >.<

  23. Danalee Ducusin says:

    Daniela if thats how you say it sorry if it’s wrong
    My name Dana Or Danalee your name is nearly my name
    Anyway I am a big fan of you your Videos and they are really helpful My dad
    is also a guitarist but when he goes work i watch your vids

  24. Larry Baines says:

    ur an excellent teacher–ty

  25. Char Ducut says:

    can u play guitar LOVE UR SELF BY JUSTIN BIEBER

  26. Diya Dutta says:

    can you please make a video on how to palm mute?

  27. Tyha Fathyhah says:

    hi!i hope that u can do love yourself by Justin bieber cover😄i love ur
    videos and seems like it easy to follow

  28. If you are a beginner you will not be able to play and sing. People have
    been playing for years and can’t sing and play.

  29. TRACY GONDET says:

    Vraiment génial! du beau travail! 3 of your videos and I don’t feel like a
    beginner any more. your lessons are great!

  30. sapiul awar says:

    excuseme ellen what the title of the song you play thanks.

  31. stephenbusscher says:

    You did a great job! Great idea to market your music through your video!

  32. i remember when i first started I couldn’t sing with it because all of the
    multi tasking

  33. salman -ul-faris says:

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover how
    to sing properly online try Alkarno Quick Singer Alchemist ( search on
    google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbor got
    great results with it.

  34. Wow, I’m back here to thank you so much for sharing your amazing singing tips!

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