The TRUTH About How to Sing Well

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9 thoughts on “The TRUTH About How to Sing Well

  1. Edward Keener says:

    when your famous your gonna have an annoying fandom calling you smol bean and daddy i can already tell lmao keep it up dude

  2. Priti Gupta says:

    why aren’t your subscribers increasing

  3. Ryan King says:

    Found edge again lol xD my voice is inconsistent asf, the thing is, so is everyone’s, the reality is that no two performances sound the same, and imo shouldn’t anyway, hence why my fave artist atm Matisyahu improvises and does mashups and alternate versions of his songs every time he performs. :L art isn’t perfect and shouldn’t be. Just sing.

  4. Nicolas P. says:

    I mean you are a vocal coach so isn’t what you do with your student ? Telling them what they need to do when they try to sing ?

  5. Kristopharaoh says:

    you sound like adam lambert when you talk here

  6. Try&StopMeM8 says:

    This is what natural singers do. The only problem is maintaining pitch . Most people don’t notice the rest. V:

    There’s famous people that sound like dying cats live.Fame isn’t dependent on talent these days lmao. @redit

  7. MyristicMystic says:

    It’s pop music, so just relax. Make goat noises if you like. Who knows? It may lead to “stardom.” Bah… baaah! lol

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