The Three Stooges: Professor Shemp gives a singing lesson. IN COLOR

Discover all about The Three Stooges: Professor Shemp gives a singing lesson. IN COLOR by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here The Three Stooges: Professor Shemp gives a singing lesson. IN COLOR.

like i said before i hate colorized three stooges episodes but its still a funny part none the less

it is from the three stooges short episode “brideless groom”


Shemp plays a voice instructor who has just received an inheritance, but there is a catch: he must marry in 24 hours or he will not receive the money.

42 thoughts on “The Three Stooges: Professor Shemp gives a singing lesson. IN COLOR

  1. I never understood why they colored them…the whole episodes look like
    Shrinky Dinks

  2. MelanieLouM says:

    This is the only Three Stooges episode with Shemp in it that I actually
    like! ^_^

  3. summersbr1 says:

    I didnt know Larry played the piano too. I knew he was an accomplished
    violinist. Unfortunately, it seemed he got slapped around more than
    anybody. The stooges were great…..may they all R.I.P.

  4. CarnEvilCrazy says:

    Shemp isn’t as good. Plus, his real name is Samuel.

  5. joxergirl says:

    I know many didn’t care for Shemp but he was my favorite…..although I did
    love all four….they each brought their own funny flavor into each short!

  6. MonsterMasher says:

    Poor Larry. Usually Shemp isn’t that mean.

  7. gwarriorfromhell says:

    though shemp may not have been as popular as curly, he had his own unique
    style of performing the comedy. either way you look at it, he is still way
    better than fuckin joe

  8. dilcofilms says:

    @gwarriorfromhell To tell you the truth I think Shemp is the 2nd best
    stooge, obviously Curly is and always will be the best. Moe was always
    serious, Larry was always in the background, Joe was annoying and Curly Joe
    didn’t even try.

  9. @Jstruzz With fancy video editing software.

  10. notwaiting says:

    “That’s it! Give me the BIRD”! LOL!

  11. PoppaBlue59 says:

    I am a devout Shemp fan, and have been for 50 years. Besides, my Mom looks
    like Shemp.

  12. Ariel Popperl says:

    @TheDoglover777 His real surname is Horowitz. Howard was their artistic

  13. TXCrafts1 says:

    Im pretty sure it the other way around, sing with the bellows not with the
    throat. Some Teacher

  14. The epilepsy guy says:

    Dont forget to gargle with razors

  15. EinsteinEMP826 says:

    @bubblebear83 certain DVD’s have artificially colored versions of the
    original skits.

  16. scorchedcandy says:

    Legalize Shemp! Lol, Shemp was pretty funny in this episode.

  17. David Bradshaw says:

    Would have been better in black and white. Keep it old school

  18. beans2000623 says:

    love Larrys physical reaction when she hits that high note , hilarious ! Go
    gargle with old razor blades.

  19. Aquarium Care Basics says:

    Larry was a very underrated Stooge. He always had great reactions!!!!

  20. YoshiTwi BonnieHD says:

    XD I loved Shemp’s reactions once the lady was singing with a bad note.

  21. chuggachuggawoowoo says:

    Funny as hell, but better in black and white. Shemp was under-rated. I
    liked him just as much as Curly.

  22. Gene Davis says:

    I’ve always liked Shemp a lot, too. And they seem to do a better job of
    colorization than they used to. Early on, it appeared to be slapped
    together. It looks more like old Technicolor now … more natural.

  23. williamsm992 says:

    Shemp is the best and funniest stooge of them all he’s funny without even

  24. PoppaBlue59 says:

    Back when answering machines were the big thing, I had this on mine. I said
    that my wife was practicing her singing lessons and that we would call
    back. Got a lot of comments on that one. Thank you for posting this, one of
    my favorites. “Your little dream boat is sailing…WHOOOOO WHOOOOO”.

  25. Bon Scott says:

    So lovely how she sang 🙂 classic genius comedy

  26. TonythakillaB says:

    I always wondered how shemp was with his brothers when they were younger If
    its any way like how he is with larry in this skit Hilarious

  27. Mr. Lonnie Booker says:

    What kind of singing is that?! Yikes!!!! 

  28. MilesEdgeworth129 says:

    It’s even better when you put on the automatic captions.

  29. With Curly were legend, but Shemp reached the highest point of comedy.

  30. You must be careful when choosing an online program as well.

  31. Elijahray says:

    Once you possibly can simply sing scales you possibly can move on to leaps in pitch (also called singing intervals).

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