40 thoughts on “The Music Lesson – Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale

  1. Crystel Wolf says:

    it was an extreamly beautiful scene even if i never understood why they put it but like….. why does she have the dust tray right there on the stairs?? also how does she check her reflection in a bubble? WHY IS SHE EVEN CHECKING SHE’S CLEANING

    I need to calm down xD

  2. OswaldsNightingale says:

    ooohh lookout SHE GOTTA BROOM!!

  3. Better get the dyson out Cinderelly

  4. Christina Kokoszka says:

    I agree it was beautiful back when it was older

  5. Kelvin L Love Jr says:

    Yeah I’d beat the hell out of that cat. He saw me cleaning that mess. He could have just sat and enjoyed the better music

  6. Chihiro Fujiwara says:

    0:06 my ears were bleeding, it’s so bad that it’s hilarious! XD

  7. Swedish Fish says:

    As a kid I actually never hated Lucifer but instead I felt bad for him and I loved the way he walked <3

  8. xxdragonloverxx potterhead says:

    Sure this movie was kinda sexist but it’s a goddamn good movie.

  9. Matt Trulock says:

    But why does Anastasia have a giant corn chip on her hair

  10. I actually relate to Cinderella’s sisters. I can’t sing, and my hearing is so bad I can’t even notice it and try to improve. I love to sing, and wish I could be as good as Cinderella. But I can’t distinguish tones and a good from a bad pitch … Well at least to me everybody sounds amazing, even her sister 😂

  11. Charlene dimitro says:

    The step sisters are the only Disney characters who can’t sing! And skutle from the lil mermaid😂

  12. Blah Blah says:

    Can we appreciate the fact that Cinderella was about to beat Lucifer’s ass with a broom?

  13. Nia Anderson says:

    One of my favorite Disney songs!

  14. lucy edwards says:

    Satan called, he wants his cat back.

  15. ellenkingsley says:

    The first line of the song is
    “The pear shaped toad”

  16. Ariella Theora Biantono says:

    I love cats, but Lucifer is always an exception.

  17. Dove_heart 1038 says:

    So that cat leaves bc the music is annoying and now annoys cinderella for singing beautiful

  18. Michael Mills says:

    Cinderella- at least she sing it in the perfect pitch, which is Key of E#.

  19. Doge the dead meme that is also anti Jake paul says:

    Aww I wish cinderella beat the cat crap out of lucifer with that broom.

  20. NadineDuck Duck says:

    I think I’m the only one who actually prefers the sisters singing over cinderella’s

  21. Positive EnergyAngel says:

    The is one of my favourite Disney movies and scenes

  22. Nathan Cruz says:

    Lucifer reminds me of Cheshire 😺.

  23. Princess Emag says:

    I never understood why Lucifer was so mean to Cinderella!! He’s a cat!! and she’s a literal Angel!!!

  24. allymak19 says:

    Cinderella reminds me of Taylor Swift idk why she just does

  25. Rosie Johnson says:

    Why did the cat mess with HER? He clearly liked her singing a lot better than the others.

  26. Meep Beep says:

    My favorite characters are Cinderella’s sisters, not because they’re mean but because most of the time they can be funny af

    EDIT: Cats name is Lucifer? might as well just call him Satan.

  27. official.fandom says:

    ok but take a moment and just appreciate the fact the cindy here was bout to throw down with a cat lmao

  28. Marianne M says:

    When you sing thinking you’re Cinderella but end up being the sisters

  29. God those pretty bubbles enamored me so much when I was little

  30. Luna 9130:3 says:

    That cat acts like my cat sometimes it’s funny and annoying

  31. Angrynoodle Twenty Five says:

    Am I supposed to like her less because she wasn’t born with a naturally beautiful voice?

  32. Maria Rinta-Rahko says:

    Cinderella is so pretty and kind. Her voice is Very beautiful.💖💖💖

  33. James Bowens says:

    Seriously, it’s three words repeated over and over. Even Lucifer was tired of that crap! Also, why would you name the cat Lucifer? That’s not even a nickname or anything. That’s the cat actual name! What the heck Disney?

  34. The famous enchanting bubbles scene. ; 3
    Lucifer was such a mischievous cat, poor Cindy.

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