The Choir: Unsung Town – Singing Lesson Episode 2 Preview – BBC Two

Discover all about The Choir: Unsung Town – Singing Lesson Episode 2 Preview – BBC Two by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here The Choir: Unsung Town – Singing Lesson Episode 2 Preview – BBC Two.

Having created a choir in the Hertfordshire housing estate of South Oxhey, choirmaster Gareth Malone sets out to take it places. South Oxhey suffers from a poor reputation in surrounding neighbourhoods, but Gareth believes his choir can hold its own among Hertfordshire’s best.
Just three months after they began, he arranges a public performance in one of the region’s most daunting concert venues, so they can be heard outside their own estate for the first time. Gareth then spreads his mission wider to reach South Oxhey’s children. He finds singers from each of the estate’s six primary schools to join a new children’s choir and coaches them towards their first ever performance in front of an audience of their own parents and friends.
Gareth’s ambitions for both choirs rest on whether they can make a success of their first big concerts.
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20 thoughts on “The Choir: Unsung Town – Singing Lesson Episode 2 Preview – BBC Two

  1. nathstoke says:

    1st now thumb me down an dnt reply cuz i wont em.

  2. Fantastic programme. Malone is as enchanting as ever & the people of S
    Oxhey incredibly entertaining.

  3. RonanADunne says:

    Gareth is a singing god! =8-)[—{

  4. Sammy O'Neill says:

    i know michael p!!! we grew up together and his voice is amazing!!!!

  5. mikeypalmer1 says:

    hey sam?????? lol im really sorry but i dnt know who u r? im really sorry
    but thanks for the comment:)

  6. mikeypalmer1 says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!! how r u! i cant believe u recognised me !!!!!! how funny how
    is it going? mikey

  7. MIKEY….good voice… mikey+gareth= good combination…

  8. PieceOfPie14 says:

    The harmony at the end is to die for, would absolutely love to have the
    entire song just like that Brilliant!

  9. KETTYKISH says:

    WOW! Amazing! Gareth really can detect the good voices in people!

  10. Krissy Smith says:

    It’s always amazing to me how much the power the mind has over the voice.
    When your mind is in the right place, the sound goes there, too. Amazing
    work, Gareth… and great voice, Mikey!

  11. artemisalovee says:

    Upload Imran lessons from the season Boy’s don´t sing!

  12. rebecca dowson says:

    ohh gareth is great singer and a teacher to people 🙂

  13. neinsager says:

    OMG gareth is amazing. he brought the voice out of that guy.

  14. PaulineGeorge26 says:

    Please post more of this show and others. I know there are more episodes
    and seasons. You hooked me late one night watching PBS or TVO in Ontario,
    Canada and now I must see more. I think I’ve watched all the uploads so far
    but I am hoping for more. This is the kind of reality TV worth watching.

  15. This is why I am always emphasizing the importance of staying relaxed when you sing.

  16. Kynzleigh says:

    Solutionwaxcom/learntosing (obviously change the for a dot as it won’t let me publish links here) simply take some time to watch the video on that web site after which go ahead with the full lesson information the place I can assure you that it’s going to fully transform your singing voice.

  17. Music theory lessons can help you learn to read music whilst our violin teacher could help you get to grips with violin lessons so you can live your dream and learn violin !

  18. Jessica Hancock says:

    You can sing 2-3 hours without hurting your voice.

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