The 3 Minute Voice Lesson – Evynne Hollens

Discover all about The 3 Minute Voice Lesson – Evynne Hollens by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here The 3 Minute Voice Lesson – Evynne Hollens.

Here are some quick vocal tips that even the most beginning singer can try. Happy singing!
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Please watch: “She Used to Be Mine – Sara Bareilles – Cover by Evynne Hollens”


40 thoughts on “The 3 Minute Voice Lesson – Evynne Hollens

  1. JoyMarie201 says:

    You do Skype voice lessons? is there anyway i can contact you for more

  2. Azwa Azanin says:

    i have a performance coming up next week and is still having trouble
    searching my head voice. watched other videos for close to an hour and
    still haven’t found any that can really help. and then tada! your video
    came onto the list. thank you so much!

  3. Skye D Punk says:

    More lessons plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. awilsonn8807 says:

    Is belly breathing same technique that military NCOs use to belt commands?
    I’m stuck on teaching my body the difference. Too much of NCO habits come
    back and the song sounds like I’m barking. Thanks!

  5. KH Guitar Chord (គង់ ឧត្តម) says:

    Really nice VDO lesson, :)

  6. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you! ☆ ★ ☆ That really helped!!! Your
    Voice is so beautiful, I especially loved your voice when you did that duet
    with Peter; Phantom of the Opera. Again Thanks and give my love to the
    Family♡ God Bless! !

  7. Daniel Camilo says:

    hey i have a teatcher in brazil ,and i wanna know you think about voice of
    adam lambert and your increable technique high notes

  8. Sarah Wilcox says:

    Believe in yourself, my brother says it all the time LOL

  9. JOSEPH JR says:

    These warm ups are great and they help out alot! :)

  10. IsaacThePanda says:

    Haven’t found a Youtube channel I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in a LONG time.
    Glad I came across yours to break the cycle!

  11. theCNprogrammer says:

    OMG, don’t know why I just feel high when u point ur finger at the camera!

  12. Julia Rodriguez says:

    I love the lesson I think you’re really good teacher and the only one I’m
    gonna follow keep posting please

  13. Aby Berry . . . . . . . . . Click here ==〉 says:

    ~ *If you feel led to do something in music, and to be a good singer has
    been one of your frustrations, think again. Here are some voice singing
    tips that will help. Most professional singers are not born stars.*

  14. Thanks Evynne! I had 9 months of voice lessons when I was 15, but kind of
    stopped singing after a while. Now 26 (and learning the violin), I’m
    thinking of getting back into singing! I’m so glad I found your videos;
    they are really making me feel excited and confident about singing again! I
    am a first soprano, but I can also sing really low (my normal speaking
    voice is fairly low). My biggest challenge has always been that transition
    between chest voice and head voice (and vice versa), so I’m intrigued about
    this ‘twang’ technique of yours…I’ve never heard any real advice on how
    to smooth that transition. So I look forward to all your future videos!
    Thanks again! :D

  15. Sugarhaven Labradors says:

    helpful, I’m am shy and now I’m just going to let it be

  16. The Piano Gal says:

    I’m learning “Popular” for an acting solo and this really helped me. I’ve
    never sung before! :)

  17. Carly Henry says:

    Hi! My friend Isaac and I would LOVE Skype voice lessons! Is there any way
    you could do alto? If so PLEASE respond!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀

  18. Miri Whiz says:

    Thank you so much! I was taking voice lessons, but then my teacher’s
    husband lost his job and she had to up the price. You are an awesome

  19. misssmussyfussy says:

    yeah this is definitely awesome, thanks for sharing these visual tips, you

  20. emma skits says:

    thanks for this. this actually did help me a lot. YOU SEEM PRETTY COOL IM
    SUBCRIBING :)))))

  21. Bryan Kujawa says:

    “sing in tune if you can” love it!

  22. 吳昀臻 says:

    I love how you teach warming up! It is the same what I learned in my choir!
    So glad to review it from you :)

  23. Jojit Tomenio says:

    your Disney video brought me here…….hahaha ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks a lot
    for the tips Evynne…….what a nice discovery for me!

  24. Javi Salgado says:

    You are really nice!! I definitely have to learn breathing from my belly.
    I’m a teacher and I love singing, so it will help me in both cases. Hugs
    from Chile ;)

  25. TingTingster says:

    Haha i love your vocal lessons! Thank you for your tips!

  26. So if I want to be a better singer, how often and for how long should I do
    warm ups like this?

  27. Susannah Scheller says:

    I totally never thought to watch your videos on how to sing and just
    watching this one has explained soooo much to me! Thank you!

  28. Holy smokes that was awesome!! Do you offer Skype lessons by chance?

  29. Odehnal Jirka says:

    It’s all in your mind… This was i need to hear… thank you soo much :P

  30. Jexamy Corpuz says:

    you’re awesome. i’m hopeless 😀 i don’t have that ‘confidence’. i’m the
    only 1 in our class that can’t sing :(

  31. Prenciss Jane Pandeling says:

    hi. I also love to sing so much, because it’s my passion. But sometimes I
    keep on asking why am I always at the bottom rank during singing contests
    in our school and great thing you reminded me of the word CONFIDENCE 🙂 so
    thank you a lot. God bless you :)

  32. It’s an excellent and entertaining tool for learning music.

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