Tenor high C (voice lesson)

Discover all about Tenor high C (voice lesson) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Tenor high C (voice lesson).

Dr. Mel Ona sings a high C at his voice lesson on Sat 10/27/12 with Karen Nimereala (www.karennimereala.com)

10 thoughts on “Tenor high C (voice lesson)

  1. DWriteLambily says:

    Lol I’m a tenor Idk why people are so blown by that high c5 I can do in my sleep Lol well being a tenor is just awesome I guess nice vocal btw

  2. Omari Walker says:

    lmbo that was so funny!! Plus i can do that too.

  3. – Karen has been an incredible teacher/vocal coach over the past 7 years – even throughout all of my medical school, residency, and GI fellowship stress! She’s trained with the legendary (late) great tenor, Franco Corelli and this is one of the exercises we do at every lesson (the vocalise is “la-loo-nah”) where you gently pull your lower lip down to assist with optimal open spacing of the lower mandible. It’s not really a “joke” (Ms. Cupse) but thanks for the comments! Keep on singing and enjoying the music.

  4. wayne Gray says:

    is this a modal c5 or is this headvoice

  5. HammondDER says:

    Mixed vocal folds closure, headvoice type-based

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