42 thoughts on “Teaching my dad how to sing.

  1. Kenzie, Like I'm gonna tell you my last name! says:

    This is just yes in all different directions

  2. Ángela Ortiz says:

    Hahaha XD great vídeo, OR3O :3

  3. That one guy who likes MEMES BOI!!!!! 21 says:


  4. Richard Forrest says:

    Guessing your singing talent probably came from your mom then? :p

  5. YESSS!!!! LUV U pls make mor vids and covers pls ❤️❤️❤️

  6. kirito SAO says:

    Congrats on the living tombstone song Or3o you did amazing as always you inspire me to become a singer

  7. Londyn Raines {Neko} { has a pink collar } says:

    Hello! I love you! You inspire me a lot! So keep doing what you’re doing!

    Love ya’!


  8. Jessica Mann says:

    This is pure entertainment, I love this XD

  9. GamerGurl Vlogs says:

    Your dad is precious
    But he’s like my dad
    Doesn’t know how to sing lmao

  10. DealWithItMan says:

    New meme source for OR3O fans
    Good job teaching your dad 👍

  11. Amber Chong - Meadowvale SS (2562) says:


  12. SHADOW LQ says:


  13. TheAnime Labarro2 /Zayne Kazumaki says:

    EYYYY “You Raised Me Up”!!! One of my favorite songs!!! And lol xD Goodluck to both of you!

  14. Sunny The Tigger says:

    I laughed and almost cried! xD Your dad sounds a BAJILLION times better than me! Please keep doing what you’re doing and making funny videos like this, PLEASEEEEEE ·w·

  15. 堕天使ஓீFσ૨ઽαҡєɳ K̷α૨ʍα says:


  16. This is so cute ;u;
    It really does show you just gotta work through different steps to get into singing! It sounded like y’all had fun with it too which is always nice!!

  17. TheLonelyMeme I-I says:

    That beginning tho ” I am wondering if I’m adopted” 😂😂😂

  18. Jon Hummel says:

    Awesome. I think he could be the next big pop singer.

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