Teacher Reaction + Analysis – Kz Rolling In The Deep – Singer 2018

Discover all about Teacher Reaction + Analysis – Kz Rolling In The Deep – Singer 2018 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Teacher Reaction + Analysis – Kz Rolling In The Deep – Singer 2018.

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48 thoughts on “Teacher Reaction + Analysis – Kz Rolling In The Deep – Singer 2018

  1. wowoweeresearch says:

    Dude, that β€œautotune” was intentional. Wow, you are totally missing the point. Haha!

  2. Jeus Hernandez says:

    On april 1 2018 you already react for kz’s say something in the singer 2018 china you must review your reaction πŸ™‚


    sir, please react to this video Regine Velasquez – Goodbye Medley. Thanks. Here is the link

  4. johnyu812 says:

    you’re missing the point to that auto tune part.
    she has a version without it, search this: [ROVNDS PH] KZ Tandingan – Rolling in the Deep

    1. johnyu812 says:

      this is raw and good quality version im sure its what you’re looking for

  5. Triplecheckyou Mate says:

    The rap was in Pilipino (or Tagalog), not Mandarin. As to the added sound effects at the start of the song, I believe it was meant to somewhat immediately catch the attention of the live audience; unlike the local singers who are obviously known to the public and Jessie J who is already an icon in the music industry, KZ was a total stranger. Hence, the need to get people to see what else she could bring. She went to win that particular episode.

  6. sean christian says:

    Please react more on kz. Thanks

  7. astrid quotidian says:

    I think that intro usually throw people off because of the autotune, but as we already know what her raw voice can do I think she just likes playing with the songs (they sing covers on this show but have to change it up to their own style) and she probably wants to showcase that she can sing in different genres in one song. It’s an interesting take on the song which she completely made her own. But found an a cappella version if you’re really interested, though same style but with guitar accompaniment: Cheers.

    1. Rosalinda Espinosa Illgan says:

      thequotidian 😍

  8. joji anabe says:

    The use of heavy autotune is intentional and proved to be effective in catching attention.it served its very purpose. KZ is not just a singer. She is a unique talented artist. She has her own style even before she became pro. You can check out her x factor audition.

  9. Amaya Nicole says:

    Wow!I love ur brilliant analysis….Thanks so much for appreciating many Pilipino artists…keep going sir.,more power and God bless!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. Amber Elise says:

    It’s not auto-tune it’s reverb Mr. Vocal Coach.

  11. noda oipil says:

    Hi coach! Pls react on mori i wanna know what love is

  12. Francis Caballes says:

    The rap is tagalog language

  13. Esther sini says:

    SerΓ‘ que tem Br aqui????πŸ‘€

  14. Naed Rasap says:

    you’re really good in analyzing voice, sir ,and i love u for that

    1. RnB Singing Lessons says:

      😊😊 thank you

  15. Anna Lavictoria says:


  16. The autotune at the beginning was to catch the audience attention. It was indeed on purpose. πŸ™‚ Great reacation btw. Sincere and Honest !

    1. emarolf airud says:

      R andom no that’s not an auto tune

    2. Sorry to break you but it is. Won’t debate anymore

  17. cteves 03 says:

    React to Kz Tandingan’s version of Zombie by the Cranberries. Plssss

  18. Evelyn Balitaan says:

    She sings different genre of music. Please react/ comment on REAL GONE, ROYALS, SEE YOU AGAIN, & ANAK all from SINGER 2018. We are very proud of our Soul Supreme KZ TANDINGAN

  19. ma-chan ma-chan says:

    she in fact did the auto tune on purpose to add a techno effect I think. You can compare it to her wish bus performance.

  20. JuliMarjam Bagumbayan says:

    Thank you for reacting her perfomance sir..

    Pls react also her ROYALS And real GONE ON SiNger 2018

  21. Please watch also Micca Beserro’s auditon in The voice Philippines. Thanks. Mike Ubanan here from Cebu, Philippines.

  22. Joel Obando says:

    Listen to her Wish bus version and its the same reverb at the beginning.

  23. Nestor Basco says:

    Please react to morissette amon – i want to know what love is.

  24. Pinoy Patriot says:

    others say its revern coz auto tune id not allowed in competitions…is there a difference between reverb and auto tune? it was to deliberately achieve a desired effect…she rapped in her philippine language, tagalog

    1. RnB Singing Lessons says:

      Yes they are different effects and are both used in many shows. I’ll try to make a video showing comparisons of effects.

  25. Ramses Blackmamba says:

    She rearranged and the auto tune was the part of it and her style..😊

  26. Fredy Valle says:

    the heavy autotune at the begining was on purpose

  27. Dread Locke says:

    Sir, the use of autotune and why it’s strong at the intro is a stylistic choice and I’m not sure if you’re that familiar with the use of it but getting those straight notes with that amount of autotune and putting those “curls” where it’s needed like that is hard. I’m just surprised you didn’t comment on that is all. That’s actually quite a feat and involves careful control. It’s not to correct her tone or w/e but merely for creative purposes and it didn’t go on beyond the intro. πŸ™‚ Still appreciate the reaction but was disappointed since it seemed you couldn’t even move on from the use of autotune. I understand it has a negative connotation and all but used stylistically like that actually attests to the singer’s vocal abilities. I wish you didn’t automatically shut down as soon as you heard the autotune which made you seem a bit biased and to review it subjectively thereafter. I personally watch these vocal coach reactions to see technical vocal analyses but seems you gave up early on in this vid. Oh well. Still best of luck!

    1. RnB Singing Lessons says:

      I still analysed didn’t I?
      I was surprised cos I never seen that before.
      Actually using autotune doesnt require high skill. That’s why it has negative connotation. It is primarily used to correct mistakes, but here I can see she has used it as effect after confirmation from comments.
      I will make a demo video showing how auto works with my equipment.

  28. Dread Locke says:

    Just to add, was also surprised you didn’t comment on that part of the intro where she goes “but you played it..you played it..” going up to the high note which she manages to keep straight, going down still straight and having those autotune “curls” right in the end. That is very hard.

    1. RnB Singing Lessons says:

      😊 there is a lot happening with all these artists I react to, so im just picking and choosing πŸ™‚ don’t think im not appreciating everything πŸ™‚

  29. Denise Ocampo says:

    Please react to KZ’s See You Again ^^

  30. John Reiland says:

    Here’s what she uses and how it works…

  31. My TwoCents says:

    All of us and the audience, except you, didn’t seem to get it.Β  the use of auto-tune in the beginning was on purpose to produce sort of an effect just like inΒ Kanye’s music, etc.

  32. she intentionally used autotune in the intro part as part of a style to make the intro unique and cool. she also did that 2 years ago when she sang that same song in Wish Bus and we all loved it. ^_^

  33. Maria Editha S. Valdez says:

    Auto tune jst at d intro only to draw attention. But KZ is amazing!

  34. Maria Editha S. Valdez says:

    That’s d only performance where KZ used auto tune on d intro. Check her ROYALS’ song on Episode 9, Real Gone on Epidode 8 & Farewell song (See U Again) on Episode 10 of China’s SINGER 2018 reality contest.

  35. Shashine BiaΓ±o says:

    First part she is using reverb,

  36. YesToPeace NoToViolence says:

    Hello. U might want to check other version of rolling in the deep from her withouy the autotune

  37. Dedel Hines says:

    The auto tune in the intro was to catch attention to the viewers. All who listened to the entire song love it, since it was different. She sang in her version. All the viewers noticed her creativity as an artist.

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