TAYLOR SWIFT – Look What You Made Me Do (Dance Video) | Kyle Hanagami Choreography

Discover all about TAYLOR SWIFT – Look What You Made Me Do (Dance Video) | Kyle Hanagami Choreography by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here TAYLOR SWIFT – Look What You Made Me Do (Dance Video) | Kyle Hanagami Choreography.

TAYLOR SWIFT – Look What You Made Me Do | Dance Choreography Music Video by Kyle Hanagami


CHOREOGRAPHY | Kyle Hanagami



Haley Fitzgerald
Monica Douglas
Emma Hauser

Rex Kline
Rae Srivastava
Adam Vesperman

Madison Cubbage
Effie Tutko
Kelly Choi
Kailyn Rogers
Shyvon Campbell

Kaycee Rice
Tori Caro
Trinity Inay

Group 5:
Charlize Glass

Group 6:
Hugh Aparente
Tyrannosaurus Rex

FILMED AT | Millennium Dance Complex

FILMED BY | Ryan Parma

The dinosaur is just for my amusement. Give it a thumbs up if you like it and don’t forget to share! 🙂

SONG: Look What You Made Me Do (from her new album Reputation)
ARTIST: Taylor Swift

40 thoughts on “TAYLOR SWIFT – Look What You Made Me Do (Dance Video) | Kyle Hanagami Choreography

  1. KYLE HANAGAMI says:

    So “Jurassic Park: The Musical”… Anyone? oh, and more dinosaurs and/or groups will be posted on my instagram 🙂
    😬 ▶

  2. Thii Santo's says:

    Performer Anitta – Paradinha pliss

  3. Erin_Cookie 57 says:

    To me I’m the second group and 1:22 looks like James Charles No joke

  4. thatdudescool says:

    Omg, the dinosaur. Fucking everything. Haley if you’re in there, SLAY!

  5. Mays Turabi says:

    If i tried to learn this all on my own, how long do you think it would take ?

  6. i indeed am for it Taylor Swift says:

    You guys should try and contact Taylor to be her dancers in her reputation tour!

  7. TriggerGiggles says:

    Girl in the orange has an engagement ring waiting on her. Whenever you’re ready boo…

  8. Availesse Msp says:

    ive always wanted to do something like this…

  9. Hanna Stocks says:

    We need someone to do a tutorial of this

  10. ADALY GALLARDO says:

    In the first one I only focused on the girl in the front

  11. Carolyne's Place says:

    The dinosaur was hilarious!

  12. Starxx 105 says:

    OMG!!! I love this .. i really wanna go there

  13. redbluemonday says:

    It seems kinda rude to me when people dance in the background. Do other people think so? I’m not a dancer so maybe it’s an acceptable thing to do I dunno

  14. Johanna Runby says:

    Could someone please tell my what kind of style of dancing this is?! I’d be really happy for a response 🙂

  15. Eleydi Cortez says:

    Really good dancing I wish I can dance like you 9# years old

  16. Dolores Gallegos Stovall says:

    They should make a dance tutorial to this, I love it😭❤❤❤

  17. I mostly loved that girl who is in yellow t-shirt on the front and her group along side her , they are perfect dancers together

  18. empat saudara says:


  19. Annkward Ana says:

    I love how each person shows their personality through this. LOVED IT!

  20. Swingin Monkey says:

    This is very off topic but who likes the TV show Riverdale

  21. Rose dawson♥ says:

    클라스가 달러아주, 졸라 멋짐.

  22. Octavio Vallejo says:

    Did anyone notice the guy at 00:58 trying to hide from the camera in the back door im sorry i just couldn’t look at the dance anymore😂😂😂

  23. Joel Collett says:

    In group 2, wwhat is the name of the guy on the right with the black t-shirt that has ‘Dance On’ printed on the front. His moves are so masculine and so good.

  24. The girl on the right did it soooo well!!!!!! Love the emotion

  25. UncleJefff says:

    fuck that girl in the orange top is fit

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