Singing Lessons : Stop “Hitting High Notes” & Start Singing “Deep” Notes

…. Click this link to read reviews of “The Four Pillars of Singing”. Students of singing spend a lot of time chasing the physiology involved in singing technique. This misunderstanding neglects the need to better understand the role that the acoustics play in training and singing, namely, the physiology of singing follows the acoustics. That is to say, if the acoustics, or formant is tuned properly, many of the physiological issues that occurs when singing such as pushing and constriction tend to go away.

Beyond the acoustics, there is another realm of consideration, the mental programming of singing that we refer to as “audio imagery” in singing. Audio imagery deals with how singers use visualization to tune the acoustics of singing, which then then calibrates the physiology of great singing. A balanced triangulation of mental imagery, acoustics and physiology eventually balance to enable the singing voice to have great range, freedom, agility and beauty. In short, a chain reaction that starts with proper mental imagery, moves to tune the proper acoustics for singing, which in turn, configures the physiology required for a high performance phonations, used in singing.

So long as a singer perceives frequency in an orientation of “up/down” and “low/high”, the body will always respond with pushing and constricting. The body reacts to a struggle, that struggle too often is the singer’s efforts to “hit a high note”. When students view higher frequencies as something that is “up/down” or “low/high” and something that has to be “hit”, they will never find great vocal freedom.

The solution is to train your auditory imagery to view frequency as something that exists in a horizontal orientation, instead of a vertical orientation. What used to be “high” is now “back”, what used to be low, is now “forward”. When the auditory imagery for frequency begins to change in this fashion, suddenly the body begins to lower the acoustic mass of the singing, modify vowels for singing more efficiently and essentially balance the formant in an optimized fashion.One particular problem that singers create for themselves is constantly referring to their struggle to sing higher frequencies as “Hitting a High Note”. This is creating a problem for singers, watch this video and learn why. Learn about “The Four Pillars of Singing”: .