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Ep 61- How to Sing Mixed Voice – Tension is our Enemy!

Ep.61: How to Sing Mixed Voice: Tension is our Enemy! When you’re learning to sing with a mix of Chest and Head Voice, it can be very challenging. We bring years of singing with bad habits. Usually those habits include too much outer muscle tension surrounding the larynx. Inside this video I’m going to help…

Ep 60 How to Get Vibrato – 5 Different Ways

Ep.60:How to Get Vibrato – 5 Different Ways If you don’t have vibrato in your voice, I’m going to show you 5 different ways to help you get vibrato. Hi! I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. For various reasons, many of us just don’t have vibrato. Here are 5 ways to get vibrato. The…

Vocal Genie 4: How to choose a key and know your range

Do you know what your vocal range is? Do you know how to pick keys for songs to best suit your voice? Online song sites let you transpose to a different key, but which choice is best for YOU?