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There are a number of rules that apply in learning how to sing, the first three being support, vowel placement and air management. So let’s say you want to learn how to sing better, but can’t afford to take singing lessons. This blog will discuss how to learn how to sing, by understanding how to mix into the upper register.

How To Sing Better Instantly Using The Embouchure (Fish Lips) – LESSON 26 – Craig Shimizu Voice

:03 Hi, this is Craig from Shimizu Voice. And today’s video is another how to sing better instantly video. This one has to do with your embouchure or the nickname, “fish lips”. For those of you who know me from other videos, you’re probably wondering what’s the deal with this. Well, as I explained in the other video, I’m in a play, “Beauty & The Beast”, and I’m playing Beauty, Belle’s father, Maurice. And I don’t like to wear those fake mustaches because they’re irritating and plus it’s a rather physical role and I perspire a lot. That causes trouble. Anyway, that’s why this growth here.

:54 The embouchure as I knew it, is to make the lips into a fish-like position. Look, closer, I might lose my lighting. Like this. So, I tell my students to, like, pretend you’re gluing the corners of your mouth together. Your lips protrude. What this does is quite remarkable.

# How is this a fast fix? Let me demonstrate with the ugliest vowel in the English language, ah. So if I use that sound, and at a relatively high note with good volume, we have to turn down the volume because I’m using the lapel mic. Ahhh. So that’s that terrible “ah” sound.

# Now, next to, this time, I’m going to start with that, then I’m going to use the embouchure and I’m going to go back to the “ah” and you’ll hear the transformation. Ah______ I’m not sure if the microphone picked up the difference. But I felt the difference.

# Let’s see if I can make an example that everybody can hear. Ahh…. So, it lightens the sound and makes it almost usable. That’s what the embouchure does. One thing it does is to correct this problem, as we’re singing, watch what happens as I make that “ah” position, or what’s called horizontal singing. Anytime you pull your lips this way, you see that muscle? So if you pronounce “ee”’s like that, using that muscle…using lips like that, ee. Ee. Watch that muscle, ee, ee.

# So anytime your lips go sideways, you’re going to tighten that muscle. That muscle is what pulls your lips sideways…”horizontal singing”. As opposed to “vertical singing”, which means that you just move your mouth and your jaw, it’s always just up and down. Not sideways.

# The embouchure, you may have seen it. Some people will, uh, after they learn to do the embouchure, they just leave it there. Professionals at all levels. You, you see some of them doing it. And some of them not doing it. That’s why, I feel, once it fixes your problem, maybe you shouldn’t use it.

# You should use just natural mouth movements. But it’s just a taste…preference. But I think it’s food for the brain, after you fix it, to not use that technique anymore. Because then, then the brain can focus on what it’s supposed to be going on. And just use it as a reparatory…repair, repairing technique. Well, you know what I mean.

# Let me demonstrate the three different positions of the mouth. And the rockets red glare. And the rockets red glare. And the rockets red glare.

# The other definition of horizontal singing is called splattering. Splat.

# So the embouchure can work in reverse. If you are an operatic singer, who tends to have that more forward, focused sound, aww. Then you might want to experiment with horizontal singing to take out some of that classical sound in your voice. Aww ahhh. Just be careful, as always you don’t feel tight in your throat as you make adjustments.

# So that’s the embouchure as a quick fix how to sing better instantly, If your voice is splattering, try to use fish lips to see if you can get the sound you want and feel more comfortable doing it.

# This is Craig from Shimizu Voice. If you liked the vidoe, please give it a thumbs up, and subscribe and share it with your friends. If you have any comments or you’d like any clarification on this technique, please let me know below. Until the next time…have a great day.

Arguably, training vocally in a music school or studio with a professional voice teacher is a more personal approach to learn how to sing for beginners.

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