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“How To Sing with ‘Grit’ or ‘Rasp’ ” – Voice Hacks by Mary Z – Screamer Series #5

Welcome to VoiceHacks by Mary Z! Enjoy our YouTube video tutorials, tips and tricks for singers and screamers! For 1-on-1 voice lessons via Skype with Mary email VOICEHACKS@GMAIL.COM for rates and scheduling! 🙂 ———————————– LEGAL DISCLAIMER Instruction and opinions herein and given during video tutorials, private vocal lessons and group classes should not be substituted…

Free Voice Lesson Explanation and exercises for Appoggio Breathing

This video is a response to a subscriber question regarding a video to address the moment where one’s inhalation becomes exhalation and singing. It’s a three part in one video tutorial on posture alignment, the inhalation during singing and exhalation in the form of exercises to maintain proper alignment and expansion of the torso for…

How to HARMONIZE vocally (part 2)

How to sing vocal harmony by ear, focusing on harmonizing in thirds. My singing lesson program: My first video on vocal harmony: Any questions on singing harmony, let me know in the comments. Want 1 on 1 singing lessons with me? Sign up here: Facebook: