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TONI BAYEH – Biography

Born in Lebanon in 1980, Toni Bayeh grew up with a sole childhood dream: to become a musician. From an early age, he was fascinated by music and captivated by his passion for singing. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree and Teaching Diploma in Music Education in the Lebanese University and received a second Bachelor in singing from the Lebanese Higher Conservatory of Music.
He works as a tutor for several local and international singers like Yara, Carol Saker, Nancy Ajram, Miriam Faris, Maya Diab, Amal Bouchoucha, Amani Souwessi, Michel Azzi, Viviane Mrad, Anwar Nour, Waed Melhem Barakat, Carlos Azar, Naji Osta , Arwa, UTN1, Richii and many other artists.
In addition to that he assisted and prepared many music projects including: Disney High School Musical 1& 2 – on stage, singing shows (Casting of Star Academy 8 and 9 on LBC, Music producer and voice coach for Star academy 9, Your Face Sounds Familiar ( MBC ) – Best Years (CBC ) – Celebrity Duets – Duo al Machahir and Aghanni 3omri – Stars ‘Life on LBC, Album 5 on MBC channel, Najmal Khaleej on Dubai TV, Singing Bee on future TV and X factor on CBC and MTV channels, etc,…).
He is a vocal assistant, specialized in Western and Middle Eastern music. He worked for several private schools and music academies and assisted in school productions like: Annie Broadway, Grease, The Sound of Music and Oliver Twist.
His career keeps on blooming with creative and prospective projects that are marked with a high level of professionalism and adequate attitude that enable him to reach out the educated as well as the uneducated audience and to liaise with people from different corners with different orientations.
As a music educator, Toni Bayeh is expanding his knowledge by researching music and movement in early childhood development, leading music workshops for academic institutions (The Syndicate of Nurseries Owners in Lebanon, universities, schools, nurseries, etc…).

His interest in gospel music, lead him to perform and gain experience from being a member of the Agapée Choir since 2002. Lately he has released records which include different genres of music: gospel, children songs and hymns. He has performed many concerts and recitals all over the Arab world.

أحبّ الموسيقى منذ صغره، فجذبته أنغامها، وحَلِمَ أن يكون موسيقياً…

إلتحق بالجامعة اللبنانية – كليّة التربية، حيث حصل على ماجيستر في التربية الموسيقية، وفي الوقت نفسه درس أصول الغناء في المعهد الوطني العالي للموسيقى- الكونسرفتوار، حيث حصل على شهادة ديبلوم في الغناء.

عَمِل طوني كَمُشرف، مدرّب ومنسّق موسيقي لعدة برامج موسيقية، كما وقد عَمِل مدربّاً موسيقياً وغنائياً، ومشرفاً على أعمال وبرامج عربية وعالمية كبرى منها مثلاً High School Musical 1 & 2 – on Stage ، نجم الخليج لمحطة دبي، البوم نجوم العرب لمحطة الMBC ، طنة و رنة على شاشة المستقبل، X Factor لمحطة MTV & CBC ، ديو المشاهير، أغاني عمري ، كاستينخ ستارأكادمي 8& 9 لمحطة الLBCI ، منتج موسيقي لستار اكادمي 9 لمحطة الLBCI & CBC و منتج موسيقي لاجمل سنين عمرنا و شكلك مش غريب.

كما أنه يقوم بتدريب عدداً كبيراً من المطربين اللبنانيين والعرب أمثال: يارا،
كارول صقر، مايا دياب، ميريام فارس، نانسي عجرم، نايا ،فيفيان مراد، أمل بوشوشة، اماني السويسي ، نهوى، ميشال ازي ، كارلوس عازار، وعد ملحم بركات، أنور نور، ناجي الاسطا، أروى، فريق UTN1 وغيرهم من الفنانين في العالم العربي.

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