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All of us learn how to sing on our own timeline and certain things will click more than others. So let’s say you want to learn how to sing better, but can’t afford to take singing lessons. This blog will discuss how to learn how to sing, by understanding how to mix into the upper register.

The long E vowel in English (as in “see”) can make you sound really amateur if you pronounce it wrong. And here’s the kicker – you have to pronounce ‘E’ differently when you SING than when you SPEAK!

Here are four ways to fix that dangerous vowel E.

Vocal instruction:
– Online vocal instruction
– Colorado rock/pop voice studio

Adrienne Osborn:


“One lucky student is currently getting a year of free voice lessons from me, along with $3000 worth of other singer and musician resources. If you’d like to apply for the 2016 Nail Every Note scholarship, go here: ”

Arguably, training vocally in a music school or studio with a professional voice teacher is a more personal approach to learn how to sing for beginners.

Learn How to Sing Breathing Exercises Part One – sing better

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There are a number of rules that apply in learning how to sing, the first three being support, vowel placement and air management. The ability to learn how to sing can be somewhat instinctive. To make all those craving souls learn how to sing, we are sharing some basic steps on learn how to learn how to sing.

I wanted to share a very simple yet effective way of practicing breathing for singing. This exercise helps you to:

1.Prevent any bad habit of taking too much air in to the top of the lungs before you sing – the ‘big breath’ syndrome (more common than you might think!)

2.Get used to the feeling of your abdominal muscles working to expel all the air from your lungs as you use the full capacity of your out-breath.

3.Surprise yourself by seeing just how long you can hold a note.

4.Have fun and feel a bit silly at the same time – an essential part of the singers experience!

Yes you can hear another voice singing along toward the end of the long note, my 2yr old daughter joining in…

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