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Did you see how easy and sonorous Ariana Grande sings high notes in this song:
«… One last time …»!
If you want your voice to be rich and free on high notes, you need to train the correct technique of singing high notes.
In this video you will learn how to master the proper technique of singing high notes. This will help you to freely sing, and make your voice sonorous, rich and bright.
Hello to all professional singers. With you, your vocal designer Veronica Worship.

In order to sing high notes beautifully and resonant, like Ariana Grande, you need to learn how to sing «with the Mask vocal placement».
«Vocal Mask» – this is the section of the head resonators, where your voice resonates in the upper part of the face, and becomes free and sonorous on high notes. For this, you need to know exactly, where to direct your sound.
Otherwise, you can develop yourself singing in the nose, and make your voice nasal and disgusting.
That’s why you need to work on the technique of high notes, with an experienced teacher.
You will be able to sing high notes in your song freely, brightly and richly, if you are professionally trained to master the technique of singing high notes.
Many vocalists sing high notes harshly and dull.
Like this: “One last time…”
Other singers, on high notes, direct the sound to the wrong resonator point, which makes their voice nasal and faded. They sing in the nose: “One last time…”
Trying to get a bright and sonorous voice, they increase the volume of their singing. Аnd because of the wrong technique of singing high notes, their voice sounds strained, hoarse or nasal.
You will see how effectively and easily you sing high notes in the culminations of your song. You will be free to create the necessary emotional atmosphere in any concert audience.
Imagine, as you masterly improvise, during performances, skillfully singing high notes.
In my next video, you will learn how to sing like Beyoncé. We will talk about vocal rattle.
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