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You can use these breathing exercises for your daily vocal warm up, before you sing, before your live performance!

00:00 Introduction
01:05 Exercise 1 – ‘Holding our Breath’
03:04 Exercise 2 — ‘Contracting our Abs’
04:38 Exercise 3 — ‘Blowing out the Candle’
05:31 Exercise 4 — ‘Breathing Fast’

NOTE: These videos are for demonstration purposes only. All vocal exercises should be performed according to your personal needs under the guidance of your vocal coach, in order to gradually develop and master your vocal technique in a safe, natural way!

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Free Singing Lesson – Checking your head voice to make sure you’re doing it right and “light” is easy with the “L” finger position – an easy method to check for larynx tension, vocal strain and breath support. This technique is for beginners to make sure they’re not taking a lot of “weight” with them as they connect to their head register. This “position” can be used with sirens, slides, basic scales etc. – any exercise where you are training to bridge your chest & head registers.

More advanced students should already be beyond this point and learning to “lean” into their head voice and make it sound “chesty” – or as its commonly called a “mixed voice”.

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