How to lift the soft palate // Singing Lessons – Singers Advice

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An exercise to help you work and lift the soft palate for singing.

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How to sing On my Own (from Les Miserables) – Glee Style

Turn on captions to see how I alternate between vocal settings: Yell (belt), whinge (curbing), cry and sigh (head voice without and with air)

This is a technical breakdown of a way of singing On my Own from Les Miserables – Glee style(ish). Home demo 2017.

Singing technique:
Mostly whinge and yell (curbing and belt) with high larynx.
Only cry and sight i.e. “head voice” notes are “is” at 01:42 and end 02:45 on wards.

Vocals: Mari Raekallio
Mix: Brian Muir
Backing track: