Beatles Blackbird singing Lesson – Part 3

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This complete lesson part is just one of several parts to a complete voice lesson of the song Beatles Blackbird.

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How to sing 101 Part 2 – How to sing great with correct posture and effective breathing

How to sing 101 Part 2 – How to sing great with correct posture and effective breathing

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This is part 2 of my FREE short course “How to sing 101 – the essentials singers need to know!”

In this video I demonstrate correct posture and effective breathing, that will set you up to sound the best you can when you sing.

Correct posture is so important because without it you won’t be able to breath effectively. And without an effective breath to the vocal cords, you will not get a great sound.

Correct posture involves standing in such a way where you feel tall and proud, buoyant and free and completely grounded. It involves getting rid of all the ‘kinks’ in our body so that the air can flow freely from our lungs to the vocal cords.

Effective breathing involves a low and deep breath, where you will see expansion in the tummy, ribs and back. This expansion allows the lungs to really breathe in its full capacity.

Practice practice practice and make correct posture and effective breathing a part of your daily life and see your singing improve!