Singing Lessons – Lesson 7 (Pitch Control)

Being able to sing in tune or sing ‘on pitch’ is one of the most essential skills a singer must acquire, in order to develop a great singing voice.

But how do you actually know whether you’re singing in tune or not?

Well, that’s something we’re going to focus a lot on during this lesson.

Before we get started, I’d like to recommend that you set yourself up with some sort of recording device so that you can really make this lesson count — especially if you know you have pitch issues 😉

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Now. Pitch that ball, dude…

Lesson 7 Content:

7.0 – Introduction
7.1 – Sharp or Flat?
7.2 – Exercise #1 – ‘The No1 Exercise’
7.3 – Exercise #2 – Repeated Steps
7.4 – Exercise #3 – 1 2 3
7.5 – Intro To Exercise #4 – The Major Scale
7.6 – Exercise #4 – The Major Scale
7.7 – Solfege
7.8 – Intervals
7.9 – Songs For Pitching Intervals
7.10 – Exercise #5 – Intervals
7.11 – Conclusion

Download the accompanying exercises for HIGH VOICE here:

Download the accompanying exercises for LOW VOICE here:

Download the sheet music to Lesson 7 here: Link Coming Soon 🙂


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