Learn How To Improve Your Group or Choir Sound – Learn How to Sing

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Pete Moody answers a question about singing in a group or choir. Learn to improve your group or choir sound with some simple tips and techniques. Create a good vocal blend and tune into the other group members. Techniques include also cover vocal blending and improving the group timing.
Pete Moody teaches anyone how to sing and get the best from vocal technique. Become a singer and learn to control your singing voice like a professional. Tips and techniques to help you develop as a vocalist. Stay subscribed to get all the latest advice from singing teacher and voice coach Pete Moody. Pete Moody has worked with major artists and X-factor finalists. Pete Moody is author of ‘How to be a Pop Sensation — The Ultimate Guide for Vocalists’ Pete is based in Kent, UK

How to Sing in a Choir Like a Pro

www.thevoiceclub.com Sing Out Proud Podcast Learn how to blend in a group without losing your own voice and other key tips to sounding like a pro in a group of any size.