Singing Lessons: Want to sing BIG? Start small! Learn the secret to a tiny head voice!

Developing a keen sense of how the sound in made on the minutest level brings great awareness and health when creating a full vocal sound. One concept that that supports this intimate study is Cuperto. Read more in my blog post and watch the video to learn exercises to help you! Here’s the link to my blog:

Serious about studying voice? Interested in taking lessons with me? Email me, Tricia Pine, for more information and to schedule your complimentary 30-minute lesson: – in studio or on skype

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How to: Sing (introduction)

FLEP’s “How to: Sing” introduction video. The vocalists of FLEP band “2XL” will teach you some basic singing techniques in the course of the next few videos. Subscribe to learn! Pls comment and rate. Also check out our other “How to” and “Random Acts” videos! Enjoy!

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