How to Sing with Confidence – Tea Time with Kerri

How to Sing with Confidence – Tea Time with Kerri

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In this video, I explore how to sing with confidence! Get rid of “I’m not good enough” out of your vocab and commit towards continual self-improvement today!

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How to sing with confidence – sing more confidently

I’d like to talk today about how you can sing with total confidence now. But before we get into the meat and potatoes of today’s subject, I want you to think about what you think confidence is…take a minute, even pause the video if you’d like.
Some people think that if their voice were completely empowered and absolutely perfect…then they will be confident. And that’s fine to work towards that, but the hole in that logic is the perfect thing… We rarely become that. So why wait to be perfect to be confident? I feel that true confidence is the freedom to truly express yourself without ANY expectations. Cause you see, that’s where it all goes crazy, is in people’s expectations. They expect people to react in a positive way, or they expect themselves to have a certain quality of sound. And then your attention goes to that…your sound, or other people. And then you’re stuck in your head having an anxiety attack when you really just want to enjoy the music, or share the story.

So for this video, I’m going to approach this subject from an angle that I feel doesn’t get addressed too often. That angle is energetic. What I mean by that is, do you feel that you can use your energy to fill a room? Or do you often find yourself contracting your energy when you feel people are looking at you? Well, in today’s video, we’re going to tap into your energy, and create a sense of flow. This exercise requires a wee bit of imagination, but it’s a powerful tool that you can use whenever you want to feel totally confident.

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Open your arms nice and wide. Register how it feels to make your body as big as you can. If it feels silly, that’s ok. We are trying something new. Take your attention back to your body. See if you can feel lots of energy shooting out of your arms like laser beams. Extend your laser beams all the way to the wall. When you have a sense of that feeling, bring your attention to your stomach – the center of your being.

Now, imagine that there is a light inside there. You are going to imagine that this light grows bigger and bigger until it extends to fill the entire room. Fill the room with your presence. Say to yourself, “I am here.” “I am ready to be seen and to be heard.” This is a wonderful way to get your body comfortable with feeling open. If your body can be big, and be comfortable with it, your voice will follow along. Keep working with this feeling until it feels completely comfortable.

When you are ready, imagine your voice is the same as the light from the center of your being. Exhale any sound you like, and as you do, imagine that your sound is filling the room just like the light did. Really explore the space out in front of you. Practice this as often as you’d like. What I notice when I practice with this feeling, is that my voice feels like it is blossoming from the inside. There is no “push” to get it out. It simply opens and flows.

I would suggest that a full minute of this simple exercise everyday for a full month would totally change how your voice feels to you. You will feel completely comfortable being seen, being heard. That’s confidence!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video! Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments portion of today’s video. And don’t forget to subscribe! I would love to see you here more often! Happy Singing!!