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OK. There is, and will only be ONE Elvis.

To say “How To Sing Like Elvis” is a bit ambitious at best.

However: there are elements of Elvis’ voice we can learn from to put in our arsenal of singing.

I chose Can’t Help Falling In Love to capture the “Crooner” side of Elvis.

While I LOVE more uptempo songs like Suspicious Minds, I thought this would be a good place to start.

I want you to consider trying an experiment with me.

Often times people “hear” with their “eyes.”

I ask you to consider closing your eyes and listening to this track.

THEN – keep your eyes closed and listen to Elvis’ original track and send me a note of your opinion.

These pieces are so Iconic, that it’s hard to separate something/someone we love and remember so well, to have objective unbiased evaluations.

SO: My goal wasn’t to “Clone” Elvis.

My goal is once again, is to show YOU how YOU can capture a style like Elvis with the technique I use. To sing in multi-timbral styles of any genre.

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