Voice Lessons 101 – Find your Key (Matt McCoy)

This lesson talks about Raising and Lowering the Key of a song in order to make it match the key you are most comfortable singing in. Many beginners (myself included) will hear a song on the radio and see the chords and start playing. Immediately they will find they cannot sing with the chords so they think they cannot play that song. This is not the case. You can simply use the methods I teach in this video to put the song in the key you want. The Song I am playing is called “Sanctuary” and I do a guitar tutorial here:

Obviously another way of changing the key of a song on the guitar is by using the capo. This method will allow you to play the same chords over and over while changing the key just be moving the capo to different frets along the neck of the guitar.

Both methods are great for practice! Don’t forget, Minor’s and Flat’s work the same way! an Em, would become and Fm, a Am would become a Bm and so forth.

Have a great day guys and God bless!