Belting and Shouting With Rise Against | Free Singing Lesson

Very few things will grab people’s attention like being able belt and shout like the great rock singers, and you see people trying to do it at bars, clubs, practice rooms and karaoke all the time. Unfortunately, most of those people are doing it so incorrectly that they not only sound terrible, strained, out of breath, and like they are positively killing themselves, but they are also doing very serious damage to their voices.

Being a rock singer is not easy. It takes being in incredible shape. You have to be able to squeeze your upper and lower diaphragm muscles hard enough to make diamonds, all while threading the needle and placing your voice exactly right and relaxing all the muscles in your face, neck, throat or vocal cords. It’s a lot like lifting weights while surfing. Anyone can learn to do it though, and that’s one of my favorite parts of my job – helping people learn to sing anything they want, without hurting themselves or straining, and sound great!

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