Voice Lessons & Vocal Exercises – Eve Soto – Bruno Mars – Sustaining, Breathing & Flexibility

ReadyToSing Eve Soto , coaches YOU through this challenging and fun vocal exercise put to “Marry You” bu Bruno Mars This voice lesson is designed to improve your breathing, pitch sustaining, vibrato & crescendos.. Repeat this exercise until it becomes easier, then use it as a warm- up.
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UK Barbie Sing Like A Star – Singing Lesson

This is a clip from the Barbie Learn To Sing Like A Star DVD. The DVD comes with the United Kingdom Liana Diamond Castle Barbie Doll, and can be bought at toy stores there.

Do you love to sing? Whether you dream of becoming a pop star or just want to have some fun singing with your friends, Barbie Sing Like A Star DVD is for you. This fun DVD features expert singing tips from top vocal expert Zoe Tyler.

The DVD is split into 6 simple steps, so it’s easy to pick up which selection you want to practice each day. Plus, you can show of all you’ve learnt with the cool Karaoke section featuring some of the best-loved songs from the popular Barbie movies!