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Gato Suave – Patreon Singing Lessons – How I Sing OverTones

In this lesson I show my way of singing Overtones. Hope you find some inspiration and get some ideas from this. My dream is to never stop creating Art that inspires. If you like the lesson I have amazing guitar and singing lessons in my Patreon page. Make a contribution to my work and help…

overtone singing- lesson 7: nose and air by Anna-Maria Hefele

Anna-Maria Hefele | – Video by Thomas Radlwimmer | ⇊⇊⇊ more info: ⇊⇊⇊ new ensemble, new video: sign up for my newsletter! This video is under copyright. feel free to post and embedd the video. No stealing & re uploading on other websites or channels. If you want to buy a license or use a…

How to Sing Loud Low Notes! Increase the Volume! (How To Become a Better Singer Series Ep. 2)

Hello again Youtube! It’s been a long and busy few weeks, but I’m back! Hope you enjoy this video! This one discusses how you can increase the volume of your low notes without doing anything other than changing placement of sound and amplifying some ever-so-important overtones! Facebook: David Lee Larson Instagram: DavidLeeLarson