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Head Voice Resonance – How To Sing Tutorial – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Head Voice Resonance – How To Sing Tutorial – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Let’s first define what Head Voice is.

My personal definition of Head Voice is not just “Anything that resonates in your head” (which is a common definition in Bel Canto / Opera).

My own definition of Head Voice is growing our falsetto register to sound and have the same qualities as our chest voice, so that when we cross the passaggio (our bridge from chest into head voice) and “fuse” them together, we can create one long, powerful note. From our lowest chest registration, all the way up into our falsetto register, without hearing the “register break” or without hearing the “yodel” from our chest voice into our falsetto.

If you don’t build your head voice correctly and just start screaming, you will lose your voice AND risk doing permanent damage – the music industry is littered with many pop and rock stars who can no longer sing because they didn’t apply proper technique.

In this video, I demonstrate how to grow this part of the voice, strengthen it to bring it down into our chest register, bring our chest register up into our head voice register to “release” or “hand it off” into our head voice, and start this “fusion” process to give us incredible range and ease for mid voice and high note singing.

Once we build this “head voice resonance” (a nice bright timbre to match the tonal qualities of our chest voice) you will be able to sing with incredible power for as long as you want to sing without strain.

One of the pillars of great singing is learning how to effectively and safely use head voice resonance.

These skills apply to baritones, tenors, altos, and sopranos alike. Watch more videos from Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin to improve your knowledge and vocal skills.

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