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Metal Vocal Lesson – Capture The Crown – Jeffrey Wellfare and Melissa Cross

Jeffrey Wellfare of CAPTURE THE CROWN vocal lesson w/ his coach Melissa Cross. Check my channel:

How to Sing and Play Guitar at The Same Time

Here are some quick tips for singers and guitarists to use while utilizing both their skills. Playing Guitar is hard enough by itself, but add in some singing/vocals and you have a lot going on, especially if your in a fast paces Metal band. Here are some how to’s and do’s and dont’s while singing…

How To Sing Nothing Else Matters Metallica Harmony | James Hetfield

Makes you wish to support? New website here: How to sing Nothing Else Matters Metallica Vocal Hamonies James Hetfield harmony breakdown Vocal tutorial by Galeazzo Frudua. Please visit my donations page to support my work and get the premiums! Do you want to know which gear/equipments I use and see how I use them? Click…