How to Sing Like Jonny Craig “Straining” Part 1 Confidence & Beginner Tips

Part 2 IS FINALLY UP!!!! :

This Video is aimed at any vocalists, (ESPECIALLY those with little experience!) who need a little push!! I’m only here to help, feel free to swing by and subscribe. I’ll see if I can help you at all!

*UPDATE* This is my first Video with 1k views 🙂 That’s pretty cool! Thanks everybody who is showing me support and keeping this alive. If it hits 5k and has some pretty avid replies, I will gladly make a Q&A Video for ANY questions YOU might have! So if you can and would like to, share this, OR ANY of the videos on my channel please 🙂 I reply to everything. Thanks again!! 🙂

Well I tried to fit it all in the title but just listen carefully to what I say. It’s not just advice on this technique, but singing (among many things) in general. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! If you guys have a lot of questions, I will do additional videos to try and help as much as I can. I’ll do some Q&A Videos. It’s certainly not an easy technique, do your best 🙂 Thank you for watching!

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Voice Lessons & Vocal Exercises – Eve Soto – Bruno Mars – Sustaining, Breathing & Flexibility

ReadyToSing Eve Soto , coaches YOU through this challenging and fun vocal exercise put to “Marry You” bu Bruno Mars This voice lesson is designed to improve your breathing, pitch sustaining, vibrato & crescendos.. Repeat this exercise until it becomes easier, then use it as a warm- up.
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