Vocal Warm Up Exercises – Daily Singing Lesson

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This is our Awesome Crash Course, daily vocal warm up routine. It is a condensed singing lesson and warm up tutorial, great for all levels of singers, from Beginner, to intermediate to advanced. This video includes many useful practices, including vibrato training, vocal strength, riffs, runs and more. it is a great idea to start and singing practices or performances with a warm ups such as these. it is fast, effective and to the point, and in a suitable key and scale for both males and females, just follow along.

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Singing Tutorial | How to Sing Like a Disney Princess | Part 2

Learn how to sing! This is part one of a three-part singing tutorial series on singing, with a special focus on sounding like a Disney Princess. The principles discussed can be used across almost any style of singing, but due to popular demand, there’s definitely a princess emphasis.

In Part 2 we cover the light, dark, and chiaroscuro. Learn how to get the bright mix that gives that “Disney Princess” quality to so many of the characters we love.

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