Professional Singing Lesson Build Strength and Endurance Tenor Range

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I received a request for exercises to help strengthen and improve tone in the secondo passaggio (mix range) area of the tenor voice.

Keeping in mind that all of our voices are different, I would recommend going through these first with the lip trill and then using the vowel sounds that I recommend in the video. In one of the singing exercises I mention that you can experiment with some different vowel combinations. Take it slow! Start with a single vowel or easier combination until you feel the airflow is steady and increases slightly as you ascend.

If you practice with this video on a regular basis, making it a normal part of your warm up and technical exercise routine, you will see a dramatic improvement in your ability to keep connected through the passaggio. The tone of your singing voice will remain more consistent as you seamlessly transition from thryo arytenoid muscle control to that of the thyro arytenoid muscles being aided by the crico arytenoid muscles. Your overall range will increase, but more importantly than that the sound of your voice will be more consistent and reliable through the passaggio.

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