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Singing Lessons – Lesson 2 (Breath)

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This Lesson is from The Singing Solutions Program, written and produced by Rae Henry.

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Here we go…

Lesson 2 Content:
00:00 2.0 – Introduction
03:07 2.1 – Myth Bust #1
2.2 – The Benefits of Breathing ‘Low’
2.3 – Inhalation Technique
2.4 – Myth Bust #2
2.5 – Lower Rib Cage Expansion
2.6 – Middle Back Expansion
2.7 – Full 360* Expansion
2.8 – ‘5 Seconds’ Exercise (Intro)
2.9 – ‘5 Seconds’ Exercise
2.10 – Breath Control (Intro)
2.11 – Rib Suspension Exercise
2.12 – Abdominal Engagement Exercise
2.13 – Abdominal Control Exercise
2.14 – Vocal Dynamics Exercise
2.15 – The Snap Breath (Application in Song)
2.16 – ‘Amazing Grace’ (Application in Song)
2.17 – Conclusion