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Use a Straw to Reduce Strain – Singing Trick

To book singing lessons with Jason Catron – Skype lessons available too! ——- In this tip, Jason explains the benefits of using straw techniques to reduce strain in the voice and find better tone. ——- To learn more about our Singing Success coaches or our learn-at-home program “Singing Success 360” please visit Singing Success |…

Vocal Tips – How To Sing with Grit and Distortion

Vocal coach Matt Pierce on how to sing with grit and distortion SUBSCRIBE NOW: PVA Discussion group for Singers: Watch our best vocal tips all in one playlist: In this singing lesson vocal coach Matt Pierce gives some tips on how to rasp aka grit or distortion. For more details on how to improve your…

How To Sing Like John Fogerty Fortunate Son (part 2) Creedence Clearwater – Ken Tamplin

How To Sing Like John Fogerty Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy