Learn to Sing Adlibs or Vocal Runs Clearly – Voice Lesson

Top vocal coach, Natalia Chase, imparts strong vocal techniques that are proven to increase freedom, power, range, agility and consistency. She also uses her experience as a former artist & reality TV show finalist to help develop her students into star performers!

In this video segment, Natalia provides viewers with some of the techniques she uses to help her students learn how to sing adlibs (a.k.a. vocal “runs”) clearly.

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Free Vocal Lesson with Cheryl Hodge, Blues Jazz singer (#3 of 5)

Former Berklee instructor. Nominated for Best Jazz Song at the HMMAs, 2010 She’s trained Grammy winner Paula Cole, Juno winner Frazee Ford, and Canadian idol finalist Alyssa Klazek. She’s a featured artist on Coast To Coast A.M., with George Noory. Head of Selkirk College Vocal Dept. (ex-Berklee prof.) jazz/studio singer, Cheryl Hodge gives companion lessons; from her book “A Singer’s Guide to the Well-Trained & Powerful Voice”.