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Freya’s Singing Tips – How to sing high notes in 3 different ways

The high notes can really show off a singer’s voice. But did you know that there are different ways to sing them? Learn how to sing the high notes right for any style of music. Official website: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest:

Free Singing Lesson – 3 Exercises to Sing Higher

Master Vocal Coach Sophie Shear outlines the 3 steps to developing your mixed voice from her Nashville studio. 1.Stop doing what you’re doing 2.Build the muscles that are responsible for the mixed voice (1.Small volume with “g” consonant 2.Med volume with “n” consonant 3.Loud volume with “muh”) 3.Application, demonstrated here with Michael Jackson’s song Beat…

How to SING through your FIRST BRIDGE

Intermediate SINGING/VOCAL TECHNIQUE LESSON- MUST SEE! vowel narrowing, shape of the mouth, getting a bite w/low larynx, using a mirror keeping pressure stable, what to do at the first bridge, proper compression cord closure, holding your breath back/ clean attack meows