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Pop Singing Lesson – How to sing like Michael Jackson

Singing tutorial for beginner and advanced singers. Michael Jackson is regarded as one of the best singers of our time. He did this particular trick to make his voice stand out from the rest. Learn how to put your own spin on a cover song. Sing easier! Sing Better! Period.

How To Sing Higher Without Straining

Singing higher without straining or having your notes get ‘stuck’ in your throat has a lot to do with DARKENED VOWELS. If you’re like ‘huh?’ then, watch the vid. I’ll show you a simple exercise to work on to increase your higher vocal range – this episode comes with a free downloadble sing-along track! Grab…

How to sing HIGHER | Extend Your Singing Range | #DrDan

Learn to sing higher without straining your voice. SUBSCRIBE for weekly singing tips – START Dr Dan’s FREE ‘7 Days to a Better Voice’ program – Is it actually possible to increase your vocal range? Yes! But there are few things you need to do to ensure you develop your voice in a healthy and…