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Singing Tutorial #10 How To Sing on High Notes for Guys/Girls Easy & Fast | Hindi

Learn the techniques of increasing vocal pitch by using filmy songs. If any problem comment down or contact here s.paarth@ymail.com Now Connect with me on facebook for your questions related to singing 🙂 For details of Personal skype classes contact – s.Paarth@ymail.com

Singing Lesson High Note and Low Note Consistency for Soprano Voices

Consistency throughout our range is a function of airflow, matching vowel resonances, and overall resonance or placement. This video series explores the resonances of our voices with an exercise that helps one open the nasal pharynx and alternately open the front mask or sinus cavity resonances. Working together, these two resonators form a large portion…

How To Sing / Controlling Vibrato / Becoming A Unique Artist

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