How to Sing High Notes Better | Bridging into Mixed Head Voice – How to sing better

Learn how to sing high notes better by bridging into mixed voice correctly.

Learn how to sing better and higher

This video exercise will help you to smooth out the breaks in your voice and get into your head voice. This is especially useful if you are trying to learn how to sing better or really want to develop your voice and learn how to sing higher notes.

If you find it difficult to get over your bridge, get rid of vocal breaks or cracks then you will benefit from this exercise. If you want to stop straining when you try to sing high then this free vocal lesson will help you.

Please watch the entire singing lesson to find out how to get your free singing lesson audio files so that you can practice singing this exercise and learn how to sing better.

2:20 NG 151
4:36 How to sing rock – the onset

Michael Sweet –
Paul Stanley –
David Coverdale –
Steve Perry –
Rob Halford –
Rik Emmett –
Sebastian Bach –

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How to sing better

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