Tag: How to Sing High Notes Without Strain

5 Minute Singing Lesson – How to Sing and Sustain High Notes Without Getting Tired – Vocal Exercise

— Free Beginner and Advanced Vocal Routines Hi my name is Ian Castle. I’m a professional vocal coach and performer from Australia and I am here to help you become a better singer. If you haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe for more videos just like this one. Today I’m going to share…

How to Sing in HEAD VOICE (Lesson 2): 2 EXERCISES for Retaining Authentic Resonating Space

In this second lesson on how to sing in head voice, I talk about the need for retaining the authentic resonating space within the vocal tract as we ascend in pitch. I offer an exercise for helping to achieve this space and another for retaining the ‘ring’ in the voice. www.singwise.com karyn@singwise.com

How to Sing in HEAD VOICE (Lesson 1): 3 EXERCISES for Thinning the ‘Cords’

In this video, I explain the importance of allowing the vocal folds to gradually thin as we ascend in pitch so that we can maintain healthy functional (physiological) balance… and transition into head voice (or M2) function/coordination. www.singwise.com karyn@singwise.com