How to sing 101 — Singing Techniques

How to sing 101 — Singing Techniques

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Many singers simply launch into singing, wishing and hoping their voices will just sound great. And it’s quiet a hit and miss thing.

But what if you could consistently sound great?

What if there are essential tools that if every singer applied would help them to sound great every time they sang?

Well, I’m excited to announce my very first FREE short course release:

How to sing 101 – covering the essentials of what EVERY singer should know.

The video above is Part 1 : How to prepare your body and throat for great singing.

In summary,

1. Good preparation is essential for every singer in order to sound great.
2. There are two things we need to prepare to sing well
i) Our body
ii) Our throats
3. To prepare our body, we need to get rid of tension! Why? Because tense muscles absorb your sound! Which causes you to strain
4. To prepare our throats, we need to use some exercises to make sure we OPEN our throats, so that there is no restriction to the vocal cords

These are your first steps towards singing freely and sounding great.

See you next time for How to sing 101 – Part 2: How effective posture and breathing help you sing great!