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This live hangout kicks off over a week of free lessons from me, gearing up for my re-opening Singing Transformation: 360 Degrees of Vocal Training.

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You’ll learn:

–Why you (and you alone) determine your own vocal potential
–Why practicing on your own doesn’t need to be a marathon (and is actually really simple)
–The REAL reason voice lessons and teachers haven’t worked for you in the past
–The magical power of visual cueing and linking your mind, body, and emotions
–Why the best singers are their own voice teachers — and their own cheerleaders
–How to feel free in performance while still maintaining great technique
–How to set mental, emotional, and physical conditions so your voice doesn’t “come and go”

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How To Sing On Pitch ► Vocal Exercise For Beginners

If you want to learn how to sing on pitch here is a quick and easy vocal exercise that will really improve your voice. This important thing is to practice a little bit everyday even if it’s just 5 minutes. A little goes a long way. Consistency is key to get better at any skills. Forget about talent! Anyone CAN learn how to sing well with a little practice.

Hope this video will inspire you to keep practicing. Please subscribe to the channel if you like art and music and, as always, STAY INSPIRED!

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