How to sing when your voice feels “blocked” – Live Lesson with Fel!

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Join me for my live chat on Monday, July 24 at 4pm Eastern (New York time)! I’m going to discuss an important topic: We all feel like we have “good voice days” and “bad voice days” — what do you do on those “bad” days where everything just feels blocked and you can’t seem to get your voice back?

I’ll tell a quick story about how this happened to me earlier this month, when I was scheduled to perform that evening, and what I decided to do about it.

Then I’ll be talking a bit about my decision to move on as a Voice Finder and retire Singing Transformation, the course, for the foreseeable future.

(Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, or becoming a monk, I’m just going to shift my focus to performing and exploring my creativity. We will still be in touch.)

Hope to see you at the live chat!

xo Fel

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