How To Sing | Raising The Soft Palate For Open Singing

One of the questions I get often from my students is ‘How do I raise my soft palate when singing?’. To sing well it’s important to have a raised palate to create a more open, resonant tone.

In this video, I will explain why you need to raise your soft palate, and give you a couple of tips/exercises to help raise the soft palate to create a beautiful singing tone!

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Oh, and here’s a little bit about me, in third person, because well, it’s kind of weird to talk about this stuff when you are in first person πŸ™‚

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How to Sing with a BELT VOICE | 3 Belting Singing Exercises | #DrDan

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Everyone one wants to sing with a belt voice. Perhaps you want to understand what Belt Singing is or maybe you’re searching for exercises here on YouTube that will help you to develop a Belt sound. Well, stay tuned for the Belt explanation and exercises you’ve been searching for coming right up.

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1:03 What is Belt?
The Dictionary for the Modern Singer notes that β€œBecause the word belt can mean so many things, it is often a confusing term to discuss and difficult to define precisely. Indeed, belt can serve as a noun (indicating the register or technique), an adjective (describing the tone quality or sound), or a verb (describing what the singer is doing). Perhaps no other word in singing is so multifarious.

2:13 Dr Dan’s definition of ‘Belt.’
I often refer to Belt as β€˜Healthy Volume.’ Essentially, I reserve the term Belt for loud healthy singing, so various hybrid uses of the term belt, such soft belt and thin belt don’t get used in my studio.

4:04 Three ‘Belt’ Singing Exercises

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